A Gracious Offer, Thank You. No.

From a friend who is a tell it like it is person and one that more people should know.

Moon In Selene

((CRITICISM: providing useful commentary meant to assist realistic improvement. NOT a concerted negativity meant to tear down or otherwise demean. Witches welcome; Trolls need not apply.))

I am not afraid of criticism. In fact, I welcome criticism; I know I lack objectivity in some areas, and outside input is helpful – my skin is thick and I do not take criticism personally. I invite review and input as a) knowledge is power, and b) the big idea can be hidden anywhere. The more experienced I become, the more important criticism is to me…..but it never stops me from doing as I please.

“I never worry about my two daughters doing what they want to do because my two daughters have always done exactly what they want to do.”  My Mother

Recently, I received an interesting piece of criticism:

Stop asking for criticism. You’re asking people to give you reasons…

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