Intentions, Manifesting or Creating

Terms we are all familiar with and whether we realize it or not we’ve done it. I’m sure someone reading this is saying no. I can’t do that, but if you step back and take a good look at your life you will realize you have. Some of us do it all the time in a very conscious way. Others may only do it only subconsciously in a dream maybe. The thing is too remember we all do it.

When the Sears Center was being built out in the North West Burbs of Chicago, I said the only way I would ever go there would be if my fave band were playing. My husband stated that the only way he would go is if Bob Dylan were playing. Low and behold the first time we drove past the marquee there was Duran Duran and Bob Dylan’s names in lights. Duran played opening night and Dylan played the next night. Now some would say coincidence but is there really such a thing. Maybe somewhere in the collective consciousness we tapped into this information. However, this was months later when we drove by. (So then I’m sure you’re wondering if we went. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the Duran show but not for Dylan. )

Another time, back in 1985, I was babysitting one of my friend’s kids. I was watching M-TV and they were announcing the Live Aid concert. Back then this was the biggest concert since Woodstock, mega festivals weren’t so common. This concert was going to be considered the Global Jukebox as there would be shows from around the world. So as I sat there almost 30 years ago, I was near tears and said out loud I would give anything to go. A typical seventeen year old who wanted to see her fave group and the side project.

The reason I was near tears is because I was seventeen and living in Shreveport, Louisiana.  How would I, who was working at a drug store at the time and just graduated high school ever get to Philadelphia? I didn’t know but with my words and thoughts for weeks I put the thought about going, out there. I wanted the Universe to help me get there. I wanted to be able to see John Taylor and the rest of Duran. (I know silly girl considering everyone else was there.)

So my thoughts, intention and energy were put out there on such an impossible task. On Fourth of July, a friend and I were in my car when we heard the announcement. I remember the ad. “We want to send you to the city of Brotherly Love.” The car went silent, both of us almost choking on the waffle cones we were eating. All you had to do was listen from Friday at three in the afternoon until Sunday at midnight. Then count how many times Sussudio was played by Phil Collins and then be the first or ninth caller.  The prize was a trip for two, airfare, hotel and tickets to the show as well as a little spending money.  They were going to pick two winners. This was it the opportunity I had wanted. The one I prayed for.

Now, the odds of a trip like this being in our lovely town were slim. Shreveport was not the mecca it is now. Then the odds of winning the trip were pretty high as well. Yet somehow, from that moment in the car I knew deep in my gut I was going.

Saturday, when we were in the middle of the contest my friend and I knew we were going. It wasn’t questioned. We knew it. There was a long road ahead and it didn’t matter. There is more to this tale but the point is I put the intention out there. There are so many times in my life that I’ve had a thought or said something and it has manifested the way I said.

I was once complaining how bad it hurt when my mother popped a zit. (EWWWW!) She told me never have kids. I smiled and said, “I’m never going through he pain of childbirth. I’ll either marry someone with kids or adopt.” I was sixteen. I did marry someone with kids when I was twenty-six. When I said it, I didn’t think it was my intention but words have power and sometimes we forget that.

The last example I will leave you with is about a time within the last year. We had put our sixteen year old dog, Tasha to sleep. In the six weeks that follow we notice that Polly, our Cavalier and Angel, our cat seem to be missing her. So my husband and I discussed getting another puppy. I really wanted a Cavalier but was not sure how we were going to be able to get one. So low and behold, our pet store got one in. The owner of the shop told me, they never had one before. We still weren’t sure how we would do this, but money was provided and Cami came home.

I guess the moral of the story is watch what you put out there. Whether it be thoughts or words, your intentions equals power. Always remember that because your life maybe transformed because of a thought or a word.

© 2015 – 2017 copyright D.M. Needom all rights reserved.


One thought on “Intentions, Manifesting or Creating

  1. Words have power and intentions matter. No doubt.


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