A Spring in Your Step.

The beat invades your soul. You feel it seeping in as your feet start to tap to the beat. Slowly your legs move to the grove before you start to feel the need to spring from your seat. It doesn’t even matter that you are in the middle of a café. You want to celebrate, to be free from the constraints that hold your body back. The fear of being the fool. The pain you will feel after you move to the beat. But how much fun would it be to just use the chairs and the stairs to express your joy. The jumps you use to be able to do but in your mind you still can. You are dancing your ass off in this place. People are joining in and celebrating life and joy.  Our tables abandon to enjoy that brief moment where we all come together to celebrate life and joy but most importantly spring.

If only it was a reality.

Inspired by Uptown Funk

© 2015 copyright D.M. Needom all rights reserved.


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