A Bad Day, May Not Alway be as it Appears.

Everyone has a bad day, now and then. Even the happiest person can have a down day. I knew this morning when I woke up at three am and couldn’t go back to sleep I knew it would be one of those days. I was wanted to go back to sleep but my mind had other plans. After nearly an hour of this I took another melatonin. Bad idea, if I was lucky I would manage another four hours of sleep.

Even once I was back asleep I woke up at six again. I managed to get back to sleep only to wake again at seven fifteen, that’s when I just finally gave up. I knew though as I exited the bed that this wasn’t going to be a good day. My energy was going to be low and green tea would be my friend.

The comedy of errors at least waited until I was dressed to begin. That was nice of it. The only things going on before I headed downstairs was the fact that I was all ready late. I told the Hubby no worries even when we are late we always arrive to Dialysis on time.

The mistakes were minor while getting our lunches ready. Nothing major. Then the young pup grabbed instructions for something and I had to get it from her. This is where the roller coaster began. I was out of insulin for my hubby, so he had to get a bottle no biggy. It gave me the opportunity to pack up my laptop. I drew his shot. We were ready, right? Not exactly as all of a sudden the power went out. WTF? We had a tornado touch down not to far from our house almost two weeks ago and never lost power yet it is windy today and off goes the power. It was only temporary, thankfully.

So, I go to grab my wallet and because there was a shift of stuff on the table between the hubby and I, it’s missing. Wonderful another delay.  By this time I’m wondering if there isn’t something bigger on the horizon keeping us from getting out the door. Past experience has dictated this. So after a minute or so I find the wallet under his recliner. Who knows how it got there.

Here we go. We’re ready to walk out the door, except we can’t. Apparently, we had a packaged delivered yesterday that we didn’t know about. So the wind pushed the package toward the door and it got rained on all of last night. So wrangling a wet package with lunch bags in hand is just so much fun. Hubby helped though.

Finally, we get in the car and we make it to our destination. For an exciting change of pace, I’m in no rush. We are going to get there, when we get there. Calmness prevails. We made it on time, only to walk in on the staff of Dialysis cleaning up spilled blood. They had a bleeder today. Drop hubby off head to Barnes.

Where I get clocked in the head by my back hatch and then I spilt chicken soup on me and the floor. Not sure what else today will hold but that’s okay. I’ll take it in stride.

My statement earlier about something keeping us from leaving well, I believe that to be true. When we were moving to our current home, I was carrying a glass doll case out to the car and something shifted and a piece of the glass fell from the top and shattered outside the front door. I took the time to clean it up and finish packing the car. Had I not dropped the glass, we wouldn’t have been in a car accident. Because of my negligence in carrying something I placed us at the intersection. Even though we were injured had we not been there the car that was leaving the college would have been T-Boned and I’m not sure that the young driver would’ve been okay. So even though there was a calamity of errors that day I think we were meant to be there for whatever reason.

Sometimes when we look back at the bad things we can actually see the good things they actually may have brought us.

© 2015 copyright D.M. Needom all rights reserved.


One thought on “A Bad Day, May Not Alway be as it Appears.

  1. You experienced what I call Obstacle Day. The beauty of OD is a) once you recognize it, you have no choice but to go with the flow, and everything becomes a little easier to deal with, and b) if you are tuned in at all, you know the obstacles are there to help in ways you cannot see and may never know.


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