Living Tarot: The Chariot

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Moon In Selene


The Chariot is about movement…..and that is the easy part.

As a card reader, I have often seen The Chariot interpreted as travel; an acceptable view of the archetype to be sure but I have always felt we missed a little something. 

The Chariot (Card VII) is certainly about movement – travel to foreign lands, commuting for a new job, moving to a different city.  – but it is important to remember it is decided and determined movement. To this point, see the third card above is Mastery rather than Chariot; you are the driver not the passenger. So much of the time, we think of life as “happening” to us rather than responding to us but The Chariot allows no such illusion.

Living The Chariot is largely about responsibility; understand you are responsible for the decisions you make, the actions you take, the roads you travel, your methods of conveyance…

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