Learning from toxic work

You should follow her. Some great personal and life changing stories.

Magical Living

It’s hard to break out of a rut. I know. I’ve been stuck in lots of ruts over the years – some small, some gigantic. I once worked at a job that entailed a lot of clock watching. I was always so eager to leave there that I kept peaking at the time, wondering :”Is it time to go yet?” But if the old adage “a watched pot never boils”is true, then a watched clock never ticks.

I have a wide skills set, and to all appearances the job description matched my skills set. It was a half-time position, 20 hours per week, and paid $40 per hour. Yes, $40 per hour. At the time that seemed like a fortune. When I landed the initial 6 month contract I thought I had found my ‘dream job’.

I started work feeling energized, determined to make adifference, to do a good job and ‘contribute’. But quickly…

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