Dear Angela

13343120_10156899206035231_2726448359616566338_nMy dear friend, I write this with the heaviness of your loss in my heart. The loss though isn’t just for me but for all those that loved you and still do. You had a joy and light that few have in this world. Next year I would’ve known you for Thirty years. A lifetime of memories shared even if only in a phone call. Now though there will never be another call. You will never spell Mississippi in that special way, the way that earned you the nick name crooked letter from my hubby your Birthday Twin.

We will never relive those times of the past of meeting Walter or the infamous Duran headband at the grocery. The things you were willing to do with us. Whenever I hear Don Henley I’ve always thought of you and now…well now it will be so much harder.

My dear sweet Hippy friend, how I wish one of my trips down to see you would’ve worked out. How I wish, I could have just one more day or at least another phone call. You were a great friend who always sent a card for my Birthday or a Christmas card. Sometimes I think you were a much better friend than I deserved.

You were a woman, who appreciated the simple things and was always a straight shooter. You helped me take the blinders off when I needed to have them removed and stood by my side through it all, even if miles separated us.

I think back how I didn’t call because I didn’t want to intrude on your time with Savannah and part of me is glad that I didn’t, but part of me wishes I did. I wish I would’ve had more time. We all wish we had more time with you. Just like I’m sure you do.

I’m sure you wished that you could be here to see Stephanie and Savannah one last time.

When, I think about the first time I saw you and your gang of girls at LSUS, all dressed in your sixties garb to see the Beatles Tribute 1964. I thought you guys were the coolest. Little did I know that eventually through a mutual friend I would get to know you and become friends. On that faithful night on New Year’s Eve when everyone else went to sleep, you and I sat up talking about life and all sorts of things. It was on that night that I knew I had made a friend for life.  A friend, I would go through my marriages with and our kids growing. Our life adventures shared in a call or on Facebook. Thanks to Facebook I got to watch you go from being a Mom to a Grandmother, something you loved dearly.

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend no matter how far apart we were you have always been dear to me. That’s why this is all so hard to comprehend. I know you felt no pain when you left this mortal coil but so many of us feel the pain of your loss. You deserve so much more than these few words I write. You deserve the tender touch of a hug from your granddaughter or the laughter of your daughter bringing you to tears.

You my dear friend were a wonderful Friend, Mom, Grandmother, Wife and Daughter. One that deserves to find peace and joy in her new journey. I miss you and light a candle to light your way to the other side. Much love Angela, you most certainly are an Angel now.




One thought on “Dear Angela

  1. My condolences to all who have lost this great light as her star was recalled to the heavens.
    I am sorry for your loss.

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