Death: Things Our Love Ones Need

I lost my Mom at the age of 22. Pretty young and at the time I had no clue to think that her Medical History might be helpful to me later on in my life. Instead of stopping and looking at her medications and writing them down somewhere safe, they were tossed. Now when a medical issue turns up that is hereditary I’m left with wonderment of could she have had this.

So this is for both sides of the Equation. As a parent draft a document with your health history; your medication and the like. Make a note that this is for them when they get older in case they have any health issues. Trust me, if something unfortunate happens to take you away from your children, they will be thankful to have this when they get older.

Make sure all your documents are in one location. Get a small fire proof safe and give them the combination or at least a family member or someone you trust. They are going to need your Birth Certificate, Marriage, Divorce, Social Security, Life Insurance Policy information and anything of the like. Make sure all your credit card information with numbers is available. While it might seem like a chore this will help the process as they are dealing with their grief.  Truly you don’t even need to be a parent to put this together.

A will is important and also knowing the laws of your state especially for your estate.

When your love one passes make sure you get several copies of the Death certificate as you will need them for Creditors and the like.

If you can take care of all your arrangements before you leave it will make it that much easier to carry out your wishes.

While it may seem morbid and if you have older parents it is a painfully awkward conversation, but knowing that these things are taken care of will help the living as they deal with their grief.

© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom





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