Nothing is Promised

I went grocery shopping last night as most of us do and thought I was doing pretty good. I wasn’t trying to focus on the tragic events of this week, I was okay. Then suddenly the music seemed so much louder as James Taylor sang; “But I always thought I’d see you again.” There I was in the middle of the grocery store, tears streaming down my cheeks. Thankfully my husband was behind me and had a tissue. His hand resting on my back as a couple of women looked at me oddly before turning away.

It wasn’t that this was her favorite song, honestly the song never held any true meaning for me. It was nice and that was it. I grew up with it and never fully listened to the lyrics. It was that line. That line that brought all those plans we made to get together that never worked out. Always thinking there would be another time, another chance but now that’s gone. Which leaves me with regret of opportunities which have been missed.

The thing is, I know she wouldn’t want me to have those regrets. She wouldn’t want me to feel this heartbreak. She would want me to be strong and celebrate her life and be there for her daughter when I can. She would want us to celebrate her and the life she lived.

Sorry to sound like some inspirational meme but the true take away is tell the people that you love or care about how important they are, because you never know when they will make their exit from this world.

© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom





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