Thinking About Getting Your First Tarot Reading.

mini story Getting a reading for the first time can be quite daunting. There are all these fallacies of what certain cards mean and the fear that the cards will bring darkness. This is simply not true. The Death card is more about Rebirth and well the Tower is usually about change. They may look frightening but honestly when you see one of the two realize that change is coming.
Why would you want a reading? Well, if you’re reading this you’re obviously a little curious. Think of getting a reading to be like taking a peek at what might lie ahead. It’s kind of like looking at a road map, so you can be prepared and have some direction. Just like with a map, you can change direction and alter course if you chose to do so.
You still control things. While I may tell you about someone coming into your life, you may or they may do something to alter that path. It may be temporary it all depends on choices. Same thing with a new job or promotion, if you do nothing to create your opportunities than you could miss out.
Another thing about getting a reading for the first time is even though you may have an idea of what you want to know about sometimes the cards have a totally different idea. There are a few reasons for this; it could be as simple as how you phrased the question or the other info is what you need to know right now.
I’ve had many readings where I as the client wanted to know something only to either be told about something else. I’ve had clients that I’ve read for that this has happened with but in the long run they usually come to realize that was just what they needed to hear. That the thing they were going to ask really had no relevance in the big life picture.
So, for the first time client, I recommend calming your fears if this is something that you want to try than find a reader that you feel comfortable with and prepare for an adventure. Keep in mind that each reader is different and many of use different decks but if you are at a fair and consulting more than one you might discover that they all have the same message for you.
If you’ve been undecided but have always been curious maybe now is the time to take a peek at the map.

If you would like a reading by me just head over to
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