Weekly Tarot Reading for October 30 – November 5, 2016


As many of you know from my earlier post there is a New Moon on October 30th in the sign of Scorpio. ( You can find the post here.) This is going to be a very intuitive week, so when you see things that resonate with you at your core, please make sure to pay attention.

Two of Swords

The first card up is the Two of Swords. Right off I can tell you this is a card for Libra and well Balance. There may be times this week that you feel that you are running blind that you don’t know what to do. The truth is if you search deep in your core you will soon discover that you can see what others won’t. You will have choices ahead but if you trust the process you will do the right thing.

Know there maybe some illusions presented you will see past them but more importantly you will find the balance that you’ve been missing for most of the month. So plug into the Universe or your soul and see what messages you can gather this week.

nine of coins

Take a little time this week to stop and admire the beauty of life. While Fall is in the air there are still many beautiful sites to see. The gift of a warmer than usually Fall has allowed us to enjoy the scenery just a little longer than normal.

More than that, take a moment and stop to admire all that you’ve accomplished in your life. Remember the little things mean a lot. So if it was just a smile from a stranger embrace the joy they shared. Embrace your home, family, and friends for as time marches on many things and people are likely to change.


So the first King up is the King of Cups and he is all about Water and emotions. So you would think this is more about you being overly emotional but to the contrary, this is more about you being stoic. The thing that stands out most to me is the empty chalice. He holds it very carefully but it is empty, It feels as if he waiting for something to awaken him emotionally from a long slumber.

This isn’t really surprising as the month of October has had many ups and downs. Between the constant election news and just things going on in everyday life emotionally a lot of people are spent. This week take a breath and focus on what will fill your cup with joy, find it and even if it is only for a few fleeting moments embrace it.


Death: A perfect card since the Day of the Dead is this week. While the card may seem intimidating know that there is new life. More important know that this week there will be messages from those that have passed offering us hope and possible a better idea for how to meet our future goals.

This is also a good time to make amends if you need to with those on the other side. Release those past hurts and offer forgiveness or an apology. Do whatever you need to free yourself from the burden of the past.  Change is everywhere and this is something that will truly help you as you move forward.

Resting on the Two fo Swords and the Nine of Coins. This is telling us to have a little blind faith. Appreciate what we’ve been given but understand that there is a growth opportunity afoot and change is coming. Rise to the challenge and be grateful for what is given.


The King of Swords is all about air or in this case your thoughts. This is the time to cut to your truth in your thoughts. As you move forward making plans don’t allow your thoughts to conspire against you. If they start to turn dark stop and take a moment and examine them. See if this is truly your mind working or is this a thought from the past that you have been programmed with.  Release them if they were there from long ago. Embrace a change and instead of looking at the potential for failure look at the potential for success. Know that as long as you try you will have taken a step to change your life.

Resting on the Nine of Coins and the King of Cups and next to Death this is a multi-message position. By appreciating what you have and having a cup that is waiting to be filled you can accept the coming changes. You can allow your thoughts to take flight and to inspire you future and growth.


This card is perfect for this week because while Justice may appear to be blind it is intuitively finding balance and footing in the future. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What do you want to attract in your Life? Allow your head and heart to guide you to the path that you’ve been longing to be on. While you may have a partner or two on this journey know that this is your soul’s calling. Use your knowledge and you strength to embark on this journey.

Resting on the  Death Card and the King of Swords you are allowing the thoughts to lead you forward. Transforming into the person and the life you want. You are letting the old habits fall away and turning a blind eye to their temptation.

Eight of Wands

With a clearer head, you can see the journey you need to be on. You can clearly begin to focus on your long-term goals. It has felt lately like you were trudging in the muck. Now you can see what is rising out of the ash. You are beginning to see your dreams manifest into reality.  There is Sagittarius energy with this card so you are likely to see some very fast changes as you move forward. Stay on point and target and things should really start moving in December.

Resting on Justice you trust yourself more and have released the nagging doubt that has been plaguing you for years. You know it is important to take the steps now to ensure your future.



Finally free, well to a certain extent. You are now able to see things in a more positive light and you feel more connected to the universe and all that is around you. You’ve made it through and a time fo growth is at hand. Reach for the stars or at least what you want in your life.

Best Advice:Trust your gut and your intuition. Appreciate all that you have and know that change is afoot. This is a time for release and moving forward to what you want to attract for your future and life.


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