November 6 – 12, 2016 Weekly Tarot


So this week, the reading may look a little different because this is my mini story spread layout. I offer this spread on my website as it gives you a little info about what is coming up in your life. For the Weekly, it is offering more info than the  abbreviated reads that I do normally. With that being said let’s get this reading started.

Ace of swords

Well, from the larger image we already know that this will be an interesting week as we’ve drawn three Aces and Aces tends to mean the start of something new.

The Ace of Swords is allowing us new clarity. The month of October was a doozy for many and most were glad to see it go on its merry way. What this Ace is offering us is cutting away from the things that are holding us back. While I know this was part of the New Moon theme this really is an important step as our old thoughts and patterns can keep us from making the changes we need too. So as you go forward this week think of where you want to go and what is holding you back. This is the time to release what does not serve you and free yourself with the clarity you’ve discovered.

Prince of Pentacles

Some may see this as a representation of someone in your life. However, right now this feels as if you are stepping back and thinking about how you want to be treated in the future. Do you want to be treated with respect or do you want to be a doormat? The Yellow flag is not one of surrender but of healing energy. By taking back your power you will allow yourself to heal.

With the Ace of Swords next to it, this is showing that it is time to speak your truth. By being true to yourself you can be free of the negative habits and standards placed on yourself by others as well as yourself..

Prince of Wands

This Prince appears to be distracted by his thoughts. It is not that he doesn’t want to see the possibilities it is that fear keeps him from thinking it might just happen. While he looks to be at peace, those that truly know him can see his fear showing.

Both the Prince of Pentacles and the Prince of Wands is showing a certain level of analysis as well as uncertainty. While this Prince is more in your face keeping his shield close the Prince of Pentacles is in a stance that he isn’t really believing all that is being said. Remember if it doesn’t’ feel right chances are it isn’t.

the fool

The Fool reminds us of our new beginning, he reminds us to take that step. While he is balancing on one foot almost oblivious to his companion there is a joy that is coming from him. There’s a new day dawning and one that will offer many opportunities. He is reminding us also that there is a whole world to explore if are willing to step out of our comfort zone.  Which leads to this question; are you ready?

Now on top of the Ace of Swords and the Prince of Pentacles , the Fool is dictating that we must cut the cord that keeps us stuck. We must respect what is offered and see the world with a new set of eyes. One that is offering us a healing.

Two of Pen

The Two of Pentacles tells us to start down our path but keep our eyes open. While the fool would like us to take that leap with abandon this Two os asking us to be balanced and cautious. There are many things that are still hidden that we need to be prepared for.

The Two resting on top of the Two Princes fits very well as it’s about the analysis that is needed on this journey. While being cautious may not be as fun as the Fool would like, it gives us  a feeling of security as we walk the path.


Temperance, hmmm how are your patients? Are you emotionally spent and drained and tired of waiting. Yes, you might very well be nodding your head in agreement. While we might be tired of waiting one must understand that we sometimes have to pause on our journey. Take a few moments of reflection and see how the steps we’ve taken have changed things. If you look at her she is turning her face away from the Irises that are blooming and the sun that is coming out. Don’t get trapped in what you think you are missing out on. Good things are truly coming if you stop and take a moment.

Now on the Fool and the Two of Pentacles, this is about that pause but it is more than that this is about controlling your emotions. There will be many things that will elicit a response but if you do not give in and over react you will soon discover that things are happening all around you because you are doing the things you need too.

Ace of Wands

Playing off what I just said the Ace of Wands is talking to us about the fast changes that are coming. They may start off slow but once things start happening they will happen fast. Are you ready? This week is going to be a crazy week no doubt the energy for a while is going to dictate change after all the planets demand it.

On top of Temperance, remember to go with the flow emotionally. Somethings are out of your control and you can not change them. Accept those things if you must but don’t give into the emotions of the situation. You don’t need it to cost you more than you are ready to give.

two of cups

Like the Aces this week we have Two, Twos. This is speaking to us about the equal exchange of energy. There are certain people that we’re connected to and when we spend time with them no matter how little our energy is replenished and transformed. For some that maybe a great love for others it is a friend. No matter who it is, spend some time with that person. There is a need for a connection this week, a deep connection.  Allow your energy to move freely with them and communicate with them on multiple levels.

On top of Temperance and next to the Ace of Wands, know that there will be times when you might be down and the other will have to lift you up or vice versa. This is still an equal exchange as you have a ying/yang balance and have come to understand that not every day will be perfect. This doesn’t matter as it is part of the unwritten agreement you have.

Nine of Cups

First up, this is a wish card. So when it appears make your wish. More than that it’s this card is about adoration and respect. As you heal and release you come to respect your relationships that feed your soul and help you thrive. You’ve come to realize a gift that this type of relationship is and treasure it dearly.

Coming off the fast changes brought on by the Ace of Wands, you’ve learned that this person will stand by you and help you get through what you need too. They are your champion and will help you get past the tough stuff and help you to succeed.


The Sun is another new beginning card. This time it is allowing us to be on our journey with a renewed sense of our youth and vitality. While we know there will be many challenges we also know that much happiness awaits. Embrace the journey.

With cards surrounding the Sun, don’t be surprised if more people take notice of you. They will see the new joy you have and will naturally want to gravitate toward you. Embrace it all as this is a step into the new world you’re discovering.

Ace of Pen

In order for anything to last it must have a good foundation. This new start will have a very strong foundation and what will offer that is money. As you started this journey you were coming into your truth and now you realize that you need to create something for yourself that was strong and would last. You’re doing it so keep going.

Best Advice for this week” New beginnings and lots of changes in the air. However, as you make it through this know that you’ll discover something you lost long ago and will have a partner that will help as you go along.

© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from my Cosmic Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Cosmic Tarot, Norbet Losche.








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