Weekly Tarot For November 20- 26, 2016


This week appears to be filled with ups and downs once again part of it could be from Neptune going direct. Not sure what I’m talking about click here for more info. Trust me it is worth the read.

Seven of WandsThe Seven of Wands: Right off the bat this week we are feeling the demands, but what demands and who is making us feel this way. In most cases, the demands are going to be internal. Some may not even be demands they may just be your self-doubts and negative talk rearing its head. Know that you are in control and can stop the feelings and thoughts.

Seven of Cups

Our second Seven of the reading and we are only two cards in.  I find this interesting that while one card has us fighting the next card has us reaching for our goals. We are trying to see past the illusion and connect with what we really want. We know we have to get out of our head to manifest our desires. So do it! Get out of your way!


The Lovers is offering us a connection to balance and to peace. There is a person who is your partner in support. This may or may not be a significant other this maybe a Best friend or a coworker. No matter this is someone that offers you the insight you need and can keep you grounded so you don’t get to lost in your dreams to miss making them a reality.

the chariot

The Chariot is allowing us to move forward. Moving forward shows that we are willing to put in the work. We are willing to grab the reigns and take control of our life. Something that seems like it has been hard to do in the past. Now is the time to do so. While the world is uncertain, it is time to try and gain some clarity in your own world.

On top of the Seven of Wands and the Seven of Cups, it is showing you taking the both the negative and the positive and working on them to help you move forward. In the past, we may have suffered a loss but now is the time for a change, and we need to move forward and be prepared. Create your vision and take control to bring it to fruition.

Prince of swords

The Prince of Swords is offering us knowledge that we made need to use in the future to protect us. It may seem like it isn’t really relevant at the time but the information we receive will teach us how to handle things much better.

On the Seven of Cups and the Lovers, we are looking at learning something new that will help us on our journey. This will prepare us for the next steps we need to take in our future endeavors. This will also teach us how to be balanced and less reactionary.

Five of Swords

Of all the cards to show up, this is not surprising. The Five of Wands is very fitting for this week. For those in the US we all know, this is a crazy busy week as it will be a week filled with a possible shortened work week for some, travel, meal prep and usually some kind of shopping.  This week will feel like there is just not enough time in the day. Some are certainly going to swear to never host dinner again while others will be over stuffed from going to multiple demands. Then of course if you are brave enough to venture out shopping be prepared fro anger and anxiety to be at the fore.

Resting on the Chariot and the Prince of Swords, keep busy and ask for help remember there must be a balance and you are only one person. Remember nothing will ever be as perfect as you envisioned but know that whatever you do is just as good. So step back and enjoy the day and don’t buy into the craziness of it.

the Magician

So we end with the same card as last week, the Magician. This tells me you have all the tools to create what you need. You are finding your inner peace even after the insanity. Remember this is the time to manifest your world.

On top of the Five of Swords, its just one day and while this is the launch of the holiday season, you have more important long-term goals and don’t need to get distracted.

Best Advice: Learn to not be so hard on yourself. Be clear about what you want and find balance. This is a time for action and learning new things. Even though there will be times when you have nothing left to give find a way to refocus on the task at hand and manifest your world.

Thanks for reading and for those in the US have a Happy Turkey Day! You guys are one of the reasons I’m thankful.

© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and ReadingsbyDauna@aol.com all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from my Cosmic Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Cosmic Tarot, Norbet Losche.



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