New Moon Reading – November 29, 2016


Here we are after a very busy week with the New Moon reading. Time is flying as this year draws to a close. For this New Moon, I opted to use the Housewives Tarot as it just felt right. Sometimes no matter what deck you might want to use the guides have a way of directing you to the deck of choice.  Astrologically the New Moon is in Sagittarius. For more info about the Astrology of the New Moon, I refer you to AstrologyKing site: here.

Well, let’s get started on the reading.


The first card up is The Chariot. For many, the Chariot denotes moving forward or travel. This new moon is favorable for making plans for travel as well. Let’s dig deeper to really look at the cards to see what’s in store. First up, the wagon looks like it ready and waiting. However, the two ladies in the front seem to be studying their options. Is the risk really worth it? Well, if she were to reaccess what’s in her bag she would see that she has already made gains.

For you, I would think carefully about the risk you are contemplating. Think about what potential gains or movement you can make. Ask yourself these questions? One is it worth the risk? Will I be in a better position or will I be in a worse place? Know that when you take a risk it is better to take a calculated risk as opposed to one where you rush in and throw all caution to the wind.



King of Swords – While he has the biggest, he has a problem that can’t be solved without making changes. So the message here is to take a good look at your life. Where do you need to make changes? For some this might mean going through and getting rid of things we no longer need.

This is very fitting next to the Chariot as you have to look at what you can take with you. Now, this doesn’t mean that you are physically going anywhere, but even in our daily lives, we carry around too many things that no longer serve us. We carry around baggage from the past. Past hurts and anger that does nothing but continue to affect us every day. It is time to reevaluate and let go of those things. You want your love life to work out differently then quit focusing on what someone else did to you. While there are times that we can see shades of someone else that hurt us, use it as just a reminder but don’t pass judgment on someone you are just starting to know. Remember people can change and sometimes when we have been hurt in the past we put up a wall to dissuade others from knowing us. So take the time to get to know them better and if they are still showing shades that make you uncomfortable then walk away. However, if they are showing you their true self and one that your soul delights in you’ll know you made the right choice for the both of you.

So the message here is release what isn’t serving you.


The Moon is offering us dreams of all the things we desire. What I like about this card is that she is peaceful and the energy in the card appears positive. Some Moon cards offer a darker take. This card is telling us to find what makes us happy. Listen to our dreams, they are offering us clues to our waking world. Our dreams are showing us how to better our lives in ways we can’t think of in our waking hours. Embrace them

Next to the King of Swords – it is all about problem-solving. If you can remember the info you are getting as you travel through dreamland, jot some notes down and study them. I suspect you will see things differently. This can also apply if you meditate. Your answers are there for finding happiness and peace.


The Ace of Wands – this is telling us to tidy up a little. This is more about appearances than anything. As you are starting a new journey you have to put your best foot forward even as you may be delving into the shadows that lurk in your personality.

Resting on the Chariot and the King of Swords this is telling you to be clear about your intentions and the problems you hope to overcome. What is it that you are seeking to change and overcome.


Justice: no one wants to get smacked with a wooden spoon but the odd thing about this image for me is that no one seems to be really taking action. While the Sucker is flying and her hand is raised this is just a threat. She is smiling and most parents don’t smile when giving punishment. Sometimes we need just the shock to get us back in line.

On top of the King of Swords and the Moon – this feels as if you have placed yourself in a situation where you took on too much and have been working to figure a way out of it. You want to be happy but haven’t been able to totally embrace it because of the impending ramifications of your problems coming to a head. While you may feel like you’re about to get the beat down of your life, understand that sometimes that the lesson comes with just a threat of failure to get you on the correct course.


The Ten of Pentacles is showing us what we desire is in our grasp.We can see and feel that we finally have what we want. In fact, there is a good chance we’ve had it all along, we just didn’t realize it. Sometimes the problem that we see really isn’t a problem at all.

On the Ace of Wands and Justice – Sometimes the problem that we see really isn’t a problem at all. We’ve allowed it to fester and spread out into different areas of our lives. If you can clean up your thinking and give yourself a slap back into reality you might discover that you were creating your own problems.



The Knight of Cups is telling us to celebrate our success. Especially for overcoming the toxic thinking that has hampered us from people and things we want in our lives.

Best Advice: Work through all that has kept you stuck. Look at it truthfully. See what changes you need to make and know that even though you might get overwhelmed at times there will be many times you will put on your best face and move through life. Start with your core and really think bout what you want. Don’t let fear rule you and understand that maybe what you’ve been searching for has been there the whole time.You have the power to make the needed changes. To Quote Glenda, “You’ve had the Power all along.”

Wishing you a wonderful New Moon. Remember to write your intentions out (10 max) and then manifest them. I usually burn mine in a cauldron on the day of the New Moon and release the energy.

If you are seeking a reading, you can book a reading at

© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom, and http://www.ReadingsbyDuana.comall rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from The Housewives Tarot. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Paul Kepple and Judy Buffman





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