2016, What can I say?

Actually, there is a lot to say. This year has had many moments that have left us feeling lost, bewildered, and even in some cases even hopeless. When my friend Lucy, whom some of you might know as Madame Zolonga told me in 2015 that the theme of 2016 would be unhinged, I had no idea how unhinged we would become.

I think some of us knew, we’d be in for a turbulent year in January when The Think White Duke; David Bowie left us. He had planned us the perfect swan song for his exit that most of us didn’t see coming.  After all, he was supposed to immortal, a legend that would live on forever. I know in some sense he will but that didn’t stop the sadness that many felt, myself included. As the news spread of his passing memories filled my mind of the video or of hearing his songs.

One of the earliest memories I have was sitting in the back of my Dad’s Celica and listening to WRNO in New Orleans and hearing Fame for the first time. It’s a song that has always been a fave. However, as the memories flooded I thought back to the first time I saw the amazing spectacle of the video of Blue Jean. The colors and the brilliance of it all. He was such a showman and a chameleon.

I digress. The next one was just as much of a shock as we as Alan Rickman was suddenly gone. He played great villains and had a voice that would compare to no other. He was a presence that will be hard to replace but in reality, from what I’ve read he was the nicest of guys.

Well, there are a few I’m sure that came between but in April when the news came that The Purple One; Prince, had left to join Bowie and Rickman I was floored. Once again the memories and the nostalgia took hold. How could he be gone he was so young. When you are getting close to fifty, fifty-seven doesn’t seem that old suddenly.

So, I had to find some of my nontraditional Prince songs and play them and sing at the top of my lungs. ‘Sexy M.F.’ was on that list as well as ‘Get Off’. Like Bowie, there was a list of songs I had to hear as those memories crept back in.

In June, we lost a man who called himself, The Greatest.  I remembered Muhammad Ali, not for his fighting but watching him and Howard Cossell, go toe to toe in verbal sparring matches. He was a man that was confident and cocky. His death was a little less shocking as we knew he had been ill for a very long time.

However, within days of seeing ‘Star Trek Beyond’, the world was shocked and surprised by the loss of Anton Yelchin. I loved him in the Star Trek movies and enjoyed him in Fright Night as well. He had a bright future and a senseless tragic accident took him away, way to soon.

June though before the two above made their exit my world was shaken to its core as a friend that I had known just shy of thirty years was taken from her family and friends. I wrote about it months ago and yet even though she has been gone for six months it still seems like Yesterday.

In August, my childhood seemed to die just a little as R2D2, Kenny Baker passed. While you never saw Mr. Baker he was still part of my world.

However, when it was said that the man who made millions laugh and was known to kids in the seventies as Willy Wonka. Sure he made people laugh in the Mel Brooks movies and alongside Richard Pryor but for the little kid inside he would always be Willy Wonka.

When Mrs. Brady passed, it was a shock as she was just seen not too long ago. She was someone I grew up watching. She was one of those television Mom’s you wish you could’ve had back then, but alas another piece of my childhood had shuffled away.

Even Ron Glass’s passing made me remember watching Barney Miller as a kid. Yes, I know he has done other things since but he made an impression on me back then.

As December rolled in we had the somewhat expected Zsa Zsa Gabor who had been ill for a while. She was ninety-nine and if you live to be that old all you can hope is that you lived a great life.

However, George Michael, well once again a shock. Careless Whispers made my senior trip to Washington D.C. just a little more fun. He offered us music, very much like Bowie and Prince that was the soundtrack of our lives.

Now while I have written about the tragic deaths there is something else that really makes you see how unhinged the world is and that is the world itself. Everywhere you truly look we are coming unhinged. I could talk about world politics or even American politics but all of us see it everyday. All I can hope is that 2017 will offer us a much better year but I’m not too sure about it.

© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and ReadingsbyDauna@aol.com all rights reserved.




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