Weekly Tarot for 1/15-21/17


Just the basics this week. No flash. No fanfare just the cards on a table. Which made total sense as I laid the cards out today.

three of Pentacles

Starting off with the Three of Wands it si all about being grounded and focusing our intention. What are we seeking and what is seeking us. This is a great time to find your center and then focus on where you want to be. There are many answers that are being provided right now if you truly listening to what you are seeking.

Nine of Wands

When you look at the Nine of Wands, you can see that the Universe is there providing us the information. Your guides are speaking but are you listening? Trust what you are getting write the messages down. In time what may not make much sense will become quite clear.

queen of wands

The Queen of Wands is telling us that this week no matter how much pressure we might feel we will be able to stand above it. It is not ours to deal with as others may feel the battle cry. This is your time. Don’t get distracted and loose yourself.

two of cups

The Two of Cups is offering us companionship. A person of like mind and spirit who you can connect with on many levels. This person will also help you stay grounded and connected with your guides and your environment in a different way.

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is all about the Karma. It is not that you’ve done anything wrong it is just a time that Karma has decided to pay you a visit. Resting on the Nine you will know how to respond intuitively. The Queen is reminding us to be dignified and keep our chin up. While the Two fo Cups is telling is that Karma is offering us an equal.

Five of Swords

So now we have the Five of Swords. Which leads me to ask, how much can you give? You can only give so much before your cup is empty.If you choose to give and give and ask for nothing is return than you will fill drained, tired and inviting the possibility of becoming sick.

Six of wands

The Six of Wands is providing us with opportunities to review. What do you really want to do? Do what you must but don’t over do it. Know that some opportunities are not as good as others. Resting of the Five of Swords I would say you should weigh your options very carefully. Being the ones that you must do. That need to be taken care of.

the chariot

Lastly, this week we have the Chariot. So you reviewed your opportunities and it is time to move forward and take action. The clarity that has been required is there and you can find your path that will lead to success. Just remember when you are moving forward that you must have a clear plan and manifest it to make it work.


Best Advice for this week: Stay grounded and listen. There is no need to step into the middle of something that you are not part of. There will be someone in your life who you will feel the most equal energy exchange you’ve felt in a long time.  Karma is stopping in for a visit but it isn’t a bad thing. Remember not to give too much of yourself as you need time to review as you move forward.

Have a Great Week!


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