New Moon Tarot for 1/27/2017


Here we are with a new Moon upon us.  It will occur January 27, 2017, at 6:08 pm CST and it’s at 8 degrees of Aquarius. For more on the Astrology click here and go to the AstrologyKing site.


The First card up is the Chariot and it speaks of breaking down the old and charging forward into the unknown. This is telling us that we can overcome whatever lies in our path. We can be victorious and successful as we charge ahead.


So far this reading is playing off the themes of the Weekly. The Three of Shields is telling us that we’re in the process of learning and creating what we are passionate about. We are gaining the skill we need to make things happen. You are finally embracing who you truly are. It is about time to stand up for who you are and what you offer.


The Knight can offer us a few things. Yes, he can be offering us romance or maybe for some there may even be a life-altering proposal in your future. However, if we look at the bigger picture outside of the romance he is riding something that we don’t see in our reality a Unicorn. What this is telling me is to imagine what you can physically see. See a different reality and make it happen. Now, I’m not saying toss away the harsh realities or facts. What I’m suggesting is that you look at the possibility of what tomorrow may hold. What future can you see? What World can you imagine? Sure we may have to get through some ugliness to get there but know that you are a co-creator in your destiny and you should fully participate. Don’t get caught up in the negative!


The Nine of Swords speaks to us about our longing and how our impatiences can lead to depression. Sometimes we want things to happen so fast that we miss the potential of the excitement leading up to it. If we don’t pay attention and allow our thoughts to sabotage we may never arrive at our destination. Depression can be a dream killer, so don’t embrace it. Sure you can long for the day of the grand adventure or the big life change but don’t miss the lessons all around us. There may be an unexpected gift right in front of us. Pay attention and don’t become trapped.

The Good News with this resting on the Chariot and the Three of Shields we know that we can get ourselves out of the defeating patterns by charging forward. By working toward what we want. We have to make things happen.


Judgment, hmm, do you hear that? Well, pay attention it is your Destiny calling. This is time for life-changing events. You’re moving forward into a new way of life. This is your path and you helped create it. Now embrace it.

With this resting on the Three of Shields and the Knight of Cups, put your best out there. You don’t know who is watching. Craft yourself and showcase your talents. There might be an offer coming that will surprise you and be very unexpected.


The Ten of Shields is stating that you’ve arrived. You are happy with your success and are more than willing to share. This is about good times with family and friends and being joyful in your achievements and what you’ve accomplished. Be proud, joyful, and happy.

Resting on the Nine of Swords and Judgment. Get out of your head and look around okay maybe everything is not as you envisioned it but you know what this is pretty damn good so enjoy and own it. Who cares what others are thinking, remember this is part of your Destiny.


The Two of Cups, so this is the second card that indicates a potential for marriage or engagement, makes sense since this cycle will run through Valentine’s day. So for some, you will be getting a ring. However, there is a more important aspect of this card. This is about the person if you are in a relationship being your biggest supporter. This is a Happy union and marriage it is one that is fated. So embrace the gift and thank your collaborators.


The Fool tells us to get ready as we are on to our next Quest. We are always growing and evolving and as we reach one place there is another for us to grow and expand who we are. Remember this is all part of what you’ve been working toward. See where you’re headed and know that success to the next level is right there waiting.

Best Course of Action: Keep moving forward. Put in the work you are making it happen. Don’t get stuck in your head. See the future and know you are on your way with partners who love and care about your success.

Happy New Moon,



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© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from my Legend, The Arthurian Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Legend, The Arthurian Tarot, Anna-Marie Ferguson.


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