Weekly Tarot for 2/5-11/2017


I debated on doing a shorter reading this week as we have a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse the night of the 10th into the 11th, If you live in the US you will not get the chance to see it.  So, while this may seem like a shorter reading this felt like a good stopping point.

This week, I’m using the very familiar Cosmic Tarot. This is the deck that I read with most of the time for my clients unless I feel that they need something different. It was the first deck that truly resonated with me and I felt comfortable from the beginning. When people ask about picking a dick I always tell them to take a good look at the deck if they can get it and hold it in their hands they have a better chance of knowing if it is the right deck for them. Some can just look at pictures and know. So if you’re looking for a deck make sure it feels like the right deck for you. Unless you’re just picking it up for art or are a collector you need to resonate with it.

eight of wands

The Eight of Wands is telling us to spread our wings and try new things. Sure we have a lot going on but there are many opportunities to be had right now. Find a way to look at the bigger picture and see things differently. You aren’t reinventing the wheel but you are offering something different than most. Put yourself out there and make your opportunities.


The Four of Swords is telling us to lay down the swords and not to fight. There must be a middle ground and not just extremes. While we may not always agree we must find common ground in order to move forward.

three of swords

Three of Swords shows us our grief and fear.There is betrayal and it feels as if a storm is coming that we aren’t aware of the magnitude. While some see it for what it is, others choose to look away and lash out. The woman feels as if she is fading into the background and not wanting to be part of this. While all three have the power to wield a sword it is up to them as to who will do so.

eight of swords

Eight of Swords, the picture says it all sometimes it’s just best to walk away from a situation when there is no winning. Sure you can yell and scream and try to make others see your side but the truth is they won’t see it until they want too. Sometimes reality if a situation is much easier to deny.

Resting on the Eight of Wands and the Four of Swords know that you’ve tried to see things in a different light. You’ve tried to find common ground but sometimes that just isn’t good enough. So instead of pushing things walk away from those that don’t want the truth.

the chariot

The Chariot is telling us to charge forward.  You must move forward. There is no other choice.

Resting on the Four of Swords and the Three of Swords know that there is no sense in giving your power away to appease someone else. Time to move forward.

queen of Pentacles

The Queen is telling us to make plans. Where are you heading and what do you want. Think positively and know that you will make it through this. While there maybe some grief you will find your way through it and find a better outcome than you could’ve ever imagined.


Best Course of Action this week: Try to reason but understand that you aren’t in the same place as others are and you need to see past it. Don’t give up your power or your beliefs but don’t damage your relationship beyond repair. Understand this is a trying time for many with lots of uncertainty. Find a way to see a brighter and clearer future.


Thank you for stopping by and if you would like a reading please click the link above. Have a great week.


© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and ReadingsbyDauna@aol.com all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from my Cosmic Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Cosmic Tarot, Norbet Losche.





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