A Little Respect Would be Nice

So this Morning I posted my Weekly reading on Instagram and within moments I had a comment. It has since been deleted but it was asking me to check my inbox. Sure, I’m game. Please keep in mind that I was up for only a little while when this total stranger messages me.  If you’re on Social Media we’re all used to a strange message here or there but this well. You be the judge.



I write my blogs for free they aren’t sponsored. There are times when I offer free readings, in fact, I had a month long contest only a month ago so I don’t have a problem with that. I mean if a total stranger came into your house and wanted you to drop everything to take care of them right then and there what would you do? There really is no emergency. What would you do? Sure if a friend in need reaches out to me I usually make myself available as that’s what friend’s do. Even if I see a stranger who needs help I will but something about this just didn’t seem like something I should entertain.



At this point, I think I have been clear that I’m not giving in. Sure there is a typo as I meant to say By your own. but at this point, I feel as if I’m being played.


It amazes me that suddenly her language is so much better as she has gotten angry with me.


Once, again I don’t know this person. I’ve never interacted with them before this message and now she’s going to start getting nasty.



When she let the rude comment fly about me that was enough. When guilt didn’t work she thought that name calling would. I suppose I should’ve just stopped engaging in her game and next time I will. (Well, I did block her.) The whole thing ticked me off and bothered me the whole day. Had she reached out regarding something more serious I would’ve helped but there was nothing that was going to be answered with a card pull.

The one thing I know even if I didn’t help is I know that I’ve helped others, in fact, someone left a very nice review just Yesterday on my Facebook page.

Jen wrote: ‘I won a free mini story/reading from Dauna a few weeks ago. The reading was accurate and helpful to me during a bit of a rough patch. Dauna is very caring and I appreciated her sharing a bit about herself with me very much too. Thank you for your help Dauna! Great reading, very helpful/insightful . Also, really great to meet someone with such a kind and intuitive heart. Thanks again.’

So, lesson learned.  Always remember to ask nicely and not be rude if you want a reader to do you a favor.




12 thoughts on “A Little Respect Would be Nice

  1. I’m totally with you in this. I do never feel entitled to someone else’s job just because. I find it so annoying.

    When they try to appeal to emotion, it is the worst. I feel like “Let me tell you a sad story about the bills I have to pay and then we’ll cry together!”

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  2. Wow. Trying to manipulate you and then getting angry you didn’t fall for her poor little me act. Funny how she found the shift key for capital I. It was nice of you to suggest an alternative for her which she rejected because she wanted YOU to do her bidding. You were very nice to her and took the high road. On that note, thanks again for my free mini reading. It was so helpful!

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  3. I have literally had messages from that same person. I know for certain that it is the same person from what I have seen above and I think she copies and pastes some of the messages because some of the sentences are EXACTLY the same. I didn’t engage for as long as you did. I’m sorry she got to you. It didn’t bother me at all but I’m pissed off that she’s hopping around annoying colleagues and actually managing to upset good honest folk. Shame on her!

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  4. The world is full of narcissist; as the name implies, their behavior is entirely about them and not at all about anyone else, ever. Whoever that man is, I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have gotten away.

    I think you were more than kind. You didn’t owe a single thing and yet you spent your time. If she didn’t like your response, too fucking bad.

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  5. I am so sorry this happened to you. You were a better sport than I would have been. Good on you ❤️

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