Full Moon Tarot for May 10, 2017


I messed around with a few decks to see what information needed to be provided for the Full Moon and well this was the one I chose. The Legend, The Arthurian Tarot Deck offers us a dark view than most decks. While it may look dark, change can feel that way sometimes, especially when we have to look truthfully at our lives.

Based on a quick peek at the cards this Full Moon appears to be a doozy.  Keep in mind though a quick peek doesn’t give us the details. The Full Moon is at 20 degrees Scorpio at 4:43 pm Central time. For more details on the Astrology click on the link and head over to The Astrology King Site.

Let’s get to the cards.


The Tower is always ominous and well this artistry of this one certainly is. However, don’t let that frighten you. Change no matter how big or small for that matter can be very frightening. It can turn our world completely upside down. However, it also allows us to grow and experience things in a different light. If we didn’t shake things up then things would never change.  After all the cards have been saying that change was coming.

So, know that the Full moon will be bringing change with it. Understand that it might be a little frightening but it is required.



The Two of Spears is telling us to plan and evaluate what we want in our future. Organization is key as you move forward. This is a time for you to take charge of your life instead of having others dictate it. What do you want to change and how are you going to do it? Now, this isn’t saying to be done with all in your inner circle that you are allowing to make plans for you. This is saying use your input and have a voice in the process.


The Eight of Cups is advising us to rethink what direction we are headed. It appears that another path must be taken. While that might seem like a pain, we may end up discovering something much better on the alternate route. As I said earlier change can be good.


The Hanged Man in this deck speaks of stagnation. Once again reinforcing the need to abandon the path you are currently on and taking control to make a change. Sometimes when our life feels stagnate we don’t even realize it until we get to the point where we are miserable. This Full Moon is making us realize we need a change.

Resting on the Tower and the Two of Spears we should know that we need to prepare and organize for the changes that are coming. If we are prepared things will be much easier as they occur.


The Four of Shields, the image shows a grand king boring someone to tears as he goes on and on. AS we make changes sometimes it is best to keep our plans to ourselves. Some will share our joy and others will roll their eyes. Remember this is your idea and no one else’sUnless you know someone that shares your vision tone it down just a tad.

A side note about this card is financial stability or the need to spend on something extravagant. Honestly, right now you might want to keep the spending down.

Resting on the Two of Spears and the Eight of Cups.  Know that you have to plan carefully and be prepared for sudden changes.


The Six of Cups is talking to us about fond memories of the past. Take a moment during this period and think about your past, particularly the good things. What was it that made those times so wonderful? If you’re feeling nostalgic maybe ring up a friend from the past. Keep in mind as you’re looking back, the changes you’ve gone through in your life. Celebrate them all good and bad and remember the lessons. If you look back you might still find a lesson that you didn’t quite see all those years ago.

Resting on The Hanged Man and the Four of Shields know that you can’t go back even though you have treasured memories. The past can be great but sometimes there is a reason why you grew apart. Maybe it just didn’t feel real because you both grew.


We have the Emperor but more important than that is we have Arthur. A man who came into his own power. This is the time to come into your own. Be who you desire to be. Yes, there will be rules that apply but by you coming into your own you will awaken your passion and your inner strength. Know that your inner confidence is coming through and others will see it too.


So, I could’ve ended it on The Emperor but felt one more was required. The Chariot is telling us that once we come into our own we will have the power to go forth and do what we need to do. The obstacles that have been blocking us are suddenly removed. So believe and go forth.

The best course of action during this period will be to prepare for all the changes in your life. Know that you may have to alter course and that’s okay. Keep things to yourself when needed. Know that the past may come knocking with a lesson but it is one that will empower you. Once you gain your confidence you’ll be able to move forward much easier.

Hope you have a wonderful Full Moon!

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© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and ReadingsbyDauna@aol.com all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from my Legend, The Arthurian Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Legend, The Arthurian Tarot, Anna-Marie Ferguson.





Weekly Tarot for May 7 – 13, 2017


First up there will be a second post this week as there will be a Full Moon on the 10th. This week’s reading amused me as the final card is the same as the final in the New Moon from a couple fo weeks ago.  It’s fitting when I look at the cards that are leading up to this guy again.


The Seven of Wands is offering me a bit of a different feel tonight. It feels as if your intuitive side is meeting up with your guides and ancestors. This isn’t something that you are consciously aware of as most of the time this is occurring when you are sleeping or at least in an unplugged state.  They’re trying to offer you direction and guidance. It is up to you to make the choice of what you need to pursue.


The Ace of Swords is telling us to fly. We have the ability to see our truth and to speak it. It’s the time to follow our passion and release what has kept us grounded.  You are being energized and will find that ideas are coming much easier, could be with the help of your guides that you are seeing more of how things are interconnected.


Eight of Cups is all watery including the sign of Pisces there in the Moon. The glasses are all submerged and it appears that he is reaching blindly for them. To me, this says that the choices that you are mulling over maybe made with your intuition.  Between the last card and this one, I’d say your dreams are leaning toward a much grander scale than ever before. Remember though for anything to take root you have to start simple and build.


The Chariot is all about moving forward but now you have the illumination you need. Know as you charge forward that the water may be rough but you are in control.  You hold the reins as well as the light. Remember you have the power so charge forward.

Resting on the Eight of Wands and the Ace of Swords, use the connection you have with your guides and ancestors to move past the things that have blocked you. You can cut ties and own your true self. Know that you can fly above the things that have you tethered and will succeed, it is up to you to do what you must.


The Nine of Wands is telling us that when we chose, remember to be humble. Even though we may see something grand we will only truly appreciate it if we work for it. Humility is something that will serve us on our journey. Also, know that even if you only chose one at this time you will have many more opportunities in the future.

Resting on the Ace of Swords and the Eight of Cups. Know that you’ve reclaimed your power more than that you’ve learned to trust yourself and your instincts. Offer thanks for what you’ve discovered and know to be true, more opportunities are coming your way, you just might not feel them yet. I say feel because you’ve plugged into your passion and that isn’t something we always see. It is more of a feeling.


I said Passion and now we have the Two of Cups. Though for me this is never really about the ripping off one’s clothes off this is more about your partner and the one who you see as your equal. This is what helps keep you grounded on your quest. It could be special someone, it could be a family. Whatever it is that brings you joy to your home know that you need to embrace it because you’re going to find your first real supporters there.

Resting on the Chariot, if you’re not in a relationship you may find one coming in very quickly. This could be a new friendship, a romantic partnership or even a business partner. Whichever it is, be ready as there is one coming and it will be one that is very good for you and your move forward.


The King of Swords tells us that this partner will speak their truth. They will be honest and fair but they will also offer you the chance to succeed. They will show you a path that they’ve taken and how they made it. Be prepared to impress.

Resting on the Chariot and the Nine of Wands know this is part of your journey forward. When this person gives you guidance remember to be grateful and humble if need be. This could be an opportunity that will change your world and give you that chance you’ve longed for.


Okay, no lie when I looked at the Ten of Coins here the first thing that popped into my head was, ‘Here are the keys to the Kingdom.’ That my friend would be a rapid rise.  I’m sure it was just the key in the image, but if we look at the riches that is in the box you have to wonder if this isn’t more of a reward for our hard work. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we get paid to do what we love? However, the other way to look at this is to think of all the riches in your life. Think of the things and people that make your life rich every day.

Resting on the King of Swords and the Ten of Coins if the bucks start rolling in remember to keep a level head and stay humble. As quickly as the riches come in they can quickly go away.


Lastly, we have our old friend the magician. Spinning and creating all that we need. This is the biggest part of this reading. We have all of our tools and skills, it’s time to turn each one of them into something with meaning. Think of that lightning as the energy required for your magnificent creation. Be amazed as you watch it grow.

Best Course of Action for the Week: Connect with the message you’re getting. Let your imagination take flight and you will soon see the opportunities that are being presented.  Be humble and thankful for all that you have. Know that a new partnership is on its way and you will soon discover riches in many areas of your life. Lastly, focus your energy on your creations.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a read.

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Full Moon Reading for April 11, 2017


We have a Full Moon Tuesday are you ready? This time it’s at 21 degrees Libra and will occur at 1:09 am CST. For a little more on the Astrology of this Full Moon click here. As you know on the 9th Mercury went retrograde, I’m sure if you’ve noticed snafus with your phone or electronics part of most likely is from our dear friend Mercury Retro. In my last weekly, I gave you links for that retro as well as others. This month is going to be a doozy with all the retrograde activity. For some, it will be a month of reviewing what you’ve been avoiding and preparing to make some much need changes in most areas of your life.  While this might be a frightening time, consider this a Karmic time and for some a healing time.

This week, I’m using the Black Cats Tarot again. I really do like this deck a lot. A quick glance of the Full Moon reading seems to be one of putting effort into things of meaning and then seeing what happens. But let’s go deeper into the cards because a quick glance just won’t do.


The Queen of Wands is telling us to be willing to step out of our comfort zone. Releases the old habits and step into a new way of creating and working. If you look around you might just discover that there are many opportunities out there and some might bring a new friend into your world. So step out and see what lies around you.


The Eight of Pentacles is speaking to us about creating that masterpiece. Do you have all the skills required to do what must be done? If so they get to it. If not then take the time to get busy learning them. Remember this is a time to expand and learn new things.


The Three of Pentacles is putting us to work. It showing us that we have mastered the skills and that we can embark on the projects we need to and want to do. By putting in the hard work whether it be on a project or just our life, in general, we will see changes taking hold and evolution of our life and spirit.


The Knave of Chalices is telling us to help others. (Really not surprising since we are dealing with a Libra Full Moon.) When others need something or maybe even just a friend this is the time to be there. It’s telling us to look past the differences in others and found the common ground. This week you will come to realize that you could help others so easily even if it is just giving a stranger a smile. That simple smile might just make their day a little brighter or even given them a little comfort.

Resting on the Queen of Wands and the Eight of Pentacles it is telling us to get out of our comfort zone. Learn from others it doesn’t have to be a special skill, great if it is. However, by just listening to their view or a story that shaped where they’ve come from, you might discover something you needed to hear. A lesson that they learned from a similar situation you might be in.


The Lovers, you can join with someone this week and do a wonderful dance but understand that we all have our own path. While for some, those paths connect others paths will remain disconnected. It is a choice for you and the other parties, after all, free will rules. Remember though for how ever long this dance last find the joy and embrace it.

Resting on the Eight of Pentacles and the Three of Pentacles, know that they can help you work on those projects you long to complete. They can also teach you more about the joy of your creation.


Lastly, we have the King of Pentacles, once your project is complete know that you have to wait for others to discover you or it. However, even though that task may be complete this is not the time to just kick back and do nothing. This is the time to continue your growth. There are more adventures and evolution of yourself that needs to happen. Remember all that retrograde energy is making us correct some things and make changes. So do it within reason of course. Make sure if you want to go on a grand adventure that you have enough funds stashed away fro a rainy day before jumping in.

Resting on the Knave of Chalices and the Lovers. Rember that sometimes we have to go solo for a while. A journey of self-discovery can be something that is done in solitude. However, it can also be done with someone that loves and cares for you deeply. By talking with them they can sometimes over you more internal clarity than you might ever discover on your own. After all, self-examination sometimes requires an outsiders perspective.

Best Advice: Get busy on learning. Whether it’s something new you want to learn or learning more about yourself this is the time to do it. Examine and create but most importantly listen and help others when you can. This week you will discover something that is at your core.

As always thanks for reading.

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Full Moon Tarot Reading for March 12, 2017



While this is the Full Moon reading, I decided to add a little St. Patrick’s Day vibe to the read, after all, it will be here before the next weekly. So, I hope this is a lucky and prosperous time for you. This week I’m reading with Zach Wong’s Revelations deck.

The Full Moon will occur at 22 degrees Virgo at 9:53 am Chicago time. If you wish to read more about the Astrological aspects of the Full Moon please click here and check out the Astro Kings site. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this moon is known as The Full Worm Moon and is a sure sign that spring is on its way as the ground begins to soften allowing the worms to return and slowly life and the birds begin to return.

Now that we got some basics out of the way, let’s see what the cards hold in store for us.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is our first card this of the Full Moon. Not a bad start. It appears that you will have enough coin during this cycle. You will be able to do things that you need to do and have a little extra to have a little fun. Celebrate the fact that you have a little extra to relax. However, keep in mind that this is also telling us that we have a new beginning in money and that we need to be aware that this is teaching us to be responsible. So have a little fun but don’t regret what you’ve done.


The Five of Cups is telling us to stay in control. Understand that you must maintain things and get a handle on other things that you’ve let slide. This is all about your focus and your ability to cope and manage your daily life. As we grow we will face new challenges and they will make us push harder to achieve what we need too. understand as we strive forward it is important to know that you have things under control with the mundane aspects of your life.


The Seven of Cups is not allowing us to see the total picture. We are in the early stages of creating. When have numerous ideas swimming in our head but we are uncertain as to where they will take us?  Get your ideas out, write them down before they disappear. After you have them down take a little time and see where they can lead. This will allow you to see the bigger picture and see all of the possibilities that might be waiting for you. Good or bad it is worth taking a closer look.


The Queen is reversed as she was a few weeks ago. Plotting and scheming is the name of the game here. Now while that might seem bad, in truth we have to plot a course for out future. It is how we grow and move forward. However, if we move forward by not considering or taking advantage of others then we have a problem. We have to put our best out there. We have to offer others and opportunity to see us as we are.  We must respect what is given and keep things in perspective as others are watching to see what we will achieve. You need to check yourself before you allow you ego to rule.

Four of Swords

The Four of Wands is telling us that we need to stop and take a rest. That we can’t continue to push ourselves without taking a step back. If we don’t take care of ourselves we won’t have the energy we need to move forward and focus. Besides a rested mind is a clearer mind.

THe Hanged Man

The Hanged man is telling us we are charged and ready to go. We have the energy that is needed to help us free ourselves from past patterns and behaviors. We need to allow ourselves to move forward with the ideas. It is time to beginning manifesting the new set of goals.

King of Wands

The King of Wands is telling us to sing it from the rooftops. We know where we want to go and it is time to share your message with the world. No more wasting time. No more, I wish I could’ve. This is the time to take action and to own who you are.

This is the time to Own who you truly are. The Venus Retrograde is pulling us to get back to our core to be our true self. Do it!


Best Advice: Be responsible but crafty. Use the ideas that come and find a way to bring them to fruition. Once that is achieved, Own it!

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Full Moon Tarot for January 12, 2017


Here we are with the Full Moon only days away. This moon has been given a few different names such as the Full Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or the Old Moon. The Full Moon will occur    Jan. 12, Thursday at 05:35 AM Central Standard Time. It will be in the sign of Cancer. For more insight about the astrology of the moon check out what the Astrology King has to say here

For this Full Moon, I opted for the Housewives Tarot to see what it had in store for us. I must say that this reading ties in with the weekly read perfectly. I must say the Emperor appears to get us motivated and to take control. So let’s take a look at the reading in depth.


The first card is Justice Reversed. No punishment for you today. It appears you’ve learned your lesson. This time you know what to do and what not to do. You’ve come to see the unwritten rules and have learned to appreciate them. Respect the Universe and she shall respect you.



The Ace of Pentacles is offering us a new beginning in Money but also a clean slate.This is your chance to start over. Sometimes we need a fresh start whether we know it or not. So take it, while it is being offered. Change is in the air and on some levels it will be best to embrace it and on other levels, you will need to find a way to support what you believe to be your true path.


The King of Swords reversed is telling us that we’ve found a way around our problems. We can now go forward and resolve long-standing issues.  Ideas will come much easier now and you will find more focus and drive.


King of Wands Reversed: Gee, another King, and this one had he been upright I’d saw you have everything figured out and can take it easy. The truth is the hard work and the push to finish things up is here. You need to work hard right now to get yourself and your work out there. You need to focus on that goal.

Now resting on Justice reversed and the Ace of Pentacles, this is telling us that you have a blank canvas to create and you are more that up for the challenge. If this card weren’t reversed you have to admit that he is pretty proud of his invention.


So the Hanged Man reversed is telling us that we can achieve more than we think. We can take the risk as we are not in free fall. We have an opportunity to spread our wings and see what it feels like to fly without a huge risk. It is much easier to make the required choices.

Resting on the Ace of Pentacles and The King of Swords reversed, this is saying that there is nothing too big that you can’t handle. You got this and you can make your move. A new beginning is here so make your choices.



The Seven of Swords could be rather devious as it appears to be speaking of major betrayal.However, since it is in the reversed position this is more about thoughts and analysis. Can you really trust your group or are there a few who would gladly betray you? The thing about thoughts though is that they come from your mind and in some cases there is nothing real to them.


This Emperor has you covered he can whip up a meal in no time. However, let’s look at the bigger picture. If you take a good look at yourself, you’ll come to realize that you are the sum of all your experiences and adventures. So what does that exactly mean? If you were to use all your talents, skills, and life experiences and put them together you might be able to create the perfect job that speaks to your calling. Remember you are the Master Chef of your life, no one else.


The Four of Wands is telling us we can take a break now that we’ve taken the required action and made the choices we needed too. After all, we all need to take a few moments every now and then don’t we?

Best Advice: This is a time for a new start. Focus on where you want to go and put forth the work. The time is now and you must sieze the day. Once you’ve gotten things done and the wheels in motion then you can take a break but only then.

I hope you have a great Full Moon and are successful in your goals.

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Weekly Tarot for January 8 -14, 2016



Hooray, hooray Mercury goes Direct today. Hopefully, now, my electronic devices will not be so off.  So what does this week hold in store for you, laying out the cards it seems like it will be an interesting week of self-discovery. Time to get down to work and fulfill those long hoped for dreams.




The Knight of Swords starts us off. What I find amusing is that there isn’t a sword on this card. However, a Hawk, their talons, and beak certainly could cut you like a knife. There is more to the Hawk, though. Many times in my travel  I will spot a Hawk in a tree or on a power line. True and rare beauty is when you are lucky enough to see one in flight.So what does this have to do with this reading? Think about the Hawk sitting high on the powerline or a billboard taking in all that is around him. He is looking at the big picture. He uses his vision to seize the opportunities that are being presented to him. Sometimes he has to get creative to accomplish his task. So taking those things and apply them to your daily life. Look at the big picture are there opportunities that will help you do you need to get more creative? If not it is certainly time to do so.

The Tower

The Tower is only reinforcing what I wrote above. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and break things up. We are in a great time of transition and you need to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. By clearing out the old stuff or habits you are making way for the new and good things to come to you.


The Five of Swords is telling us to take back our power. We can take control and make plans we don’t have to live in fear. Sure things aren’t set in stone but unless you change your attitude things will not change. So, instead of handing your power over to others and allowing them to dictate your life know that you have some control. Remember though that the first steps in taking back your power will be frightening. It is always easier to lay blame on someone else when we have relinquished control.

The Emperor

The Emperor is very fitting as it is resting on the Knight of Swords and the Tower. Look, at him, he is high above and surveying everything. This is the reoccurring theme this week. Look around you. What do you see? Where do you need to make changes? This is the time for your to make changes. It appears you are ready to head the Five fo Swords advice and take back your power. Own who you are, remember you can’t please everyone.


The Two fo Wands, I love this interpretation of this card. Looks like there are choices waiting for you. You hold the key and well the power. Which do you choose?  This feels like you are allowing yourself to be open to the possibility of a grand adventure. You’ve decided that you are up for the task at hand, no matter how hard the challenge is. You are ready to take that next step.

Resting on the Tower and The Five of Swords well this is kind of your reward for doing what you had to do. The reward for walking through the challenges and coming out on the other end.


With the Eight of Wands, we are being shown all the possibilities that are in front of us. You’ve made your choice and are now ready to be the hawk and survey what you really want. Take aim and head in the direction you choose but remember now that Mercury is direct it will be much easier to see the direction that is truly calling you.

The above says all that needs to be said about it resting on the Emperor and the Two of Wands. Survey and look at the big picture you hold the key to your destiny.


The Four of Wands reversed may make you feel like you were on a roll only to have it taken away but that isn’t the case. The view isn’t as bleak as it appears. While there is darkness, I feel that this is more of a start. In order for anything to grow it must be watered and nurtured. It has to have good roots. Look at this as making strong roots. You have your vision you can see it more clearly than you have been able to in a while, now find your focus.


The Eight of Coins, (the second eight of the reading. A little more info about the numerology can be found here.) What this card is telling us is to figure out a true plan. If you are writing then go back through and see what you can scrap. If you are thinking of returning to school, find a way to make it happen. Studying what you really want and finding a way to make it a reality is very important right now.

Best Advice for this Week: Look at the big picture. Take Back your power and own yourself. You have the keys to look at what you really want time to start nurturing it and making it become a reality.Remember you’ve had the power all along it is just a matter of you choosing to change your destiny.

I hope you have a good week. Don’t forget the Full Moon report will be out this week. If you want a reading you can schedule one at ReadingsbyDauna.com

Thanks for reading,


© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and ReadingsbyDauna@aol.com all rights reserved. Except for the shared image from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot created by Ciro Marchetti.

Full Moon Tarot Reading for November 14, 2016


The Full Moon is upon us and it is a Super Moon. This month the moon is known as the Beaver Moon or the Frost Moon. The Frost Moon seems fitting as we are finally starting to have our Frost and Freezes that would have usually happened last month.

The Full Moon will occur 7:53am Chicago time and will be in the sign of Taurus. For more on the Astrology please click here. Since in the Astrology he refers back to the New Moon from October 30th. Think about what you started and if you want you can reread my New Moon report here in case you missed it.

As I laid out the cards I couldn’t help but feel that there was a lot of energy related to the election last week here in the states. The energy in the world is shifting. My intent is not to go into the politics and when I shuffled all I requested was what do my readers need to know about the Full Moon and this is what I got. This reading felt like and emotional rollercoaster so be prepared. So let’s dig in and see what my guides have to say about this Super Moon.

So let’s dig in and see what my guides have to say about this Super Moon.

Eight of Pentacles

The first card up is the Eight of Pentacles. It shows that we are putting the finishing touches on something that we’ve been working on for a while. We started with nothing and now we’ve taken the time to see it through to completion. So going back to my original question, what did you start in the New Moon? What changes have you made?


The Five of Wands Reversed. This was one of those cards that reminded me of the discourse our country is currently feeling. There is a battle and tempers are high but this can also be about your personal life as well. Who or what is challenging you? With this next to the Eight of Pentacles, I would say that the thing you thought was finished just might need to be revised.

With this next to the Eight of Pentacles, I would say that the thing you thought was finished just might need to be revised.


The Queen of Swords reversed feels like it is that moment of what the hell have I done. For some, it may even feel like STFU. No matter this Queen is tired of the drama and just wants to get on with it.

Next to the Five of Wands Reversed, know that the tension is going to be high whether you choose to engage or not. Realize that this may not be about you at all but just their way of getting some steam off. Like I said Tensions are high.


The Eight of Swords is about us feeling bound or like a victim. We can’t see or speak or even hear, our senses are taken from us. This thing though is we have more control than we realize. We can free ourselves if we stop and taken in what is around us. The rope is not tied to anything. By allowing us to become fearful we become a victim. If you look around you there are others that are willing to help, just open your eyes.

Now with this resting on the Eight of Pentacles and the Five of Wands, I would say look at the Big picture. Sure you thought you were finished and could move on but that isn’t the case. Instead of letting others criticisms and fear blind you take in their message and analyze. Find a way to communicate and free yourself and them.


The High Priestess is offering us hope and that we will overcome. Things that have been blocking us will soon be removed. While we were hoping that things would be perfect there are no guarantees. We have to see past the illusions we’ve bought into and get to the truth of the matter.

In the placement on the Five of Wands, Queen of Swords and next to the Eight of Swords we have to remain calm and centered as things feel unhinged around us. Remember things are uncertain at this time and calmer heads will prevail as time moves forward.

Three of Swords

The truth that the Three of Swords is telling us is to take care of yourself. Find a place to rest and step away from the drama. You may see the big picture but others may not at this time. If you continue to fight you will only wear yourself out. Rest is required in all realms physical, mental and spiritual.

On top of the Eight of Swords and the High Priestess know that the back in forth between your head and your intuition is dragging you down. You can’t trust your gut if you allow fear to blind you. In listening to your fears, you only sabotage yourself and your vision.


Temperance reversed feels like throwing caution to the wind. This feels like; ‘I’m tired of waiting and buying into the BS, time to move forward and get what I want.’ That’s good but keep in mind if you haven’t taken care of yourself and looked at the bigger picture you might have to have another restart.  So if you’re doing any manifesting on this Moon I would say be very clear and plan it out.  There is a lot of energy and power but with that in mind use it wisely.

Resting on the Three of Swords, you need to find balance. Don’t be reactionary to others by doing so you are only giving them your power.


The Five of Cups tells us that we think we’re in control. We have what we want in our grasp. That sounds great but it feels like you’re holding on for dear life. You’ve had a wild ride and don’t want to loose your barrings again.

On top of Temperance reversed you can manifest it and get what you want but once you get it don’t hold it so tightly that you lose it.


While Justice is blind when it is reversed it is off balanced and as I said early on this reading feels very up and down like a wild rollercoaster. Your lesson for this Full Moon is to try and find your center.

Best Advice: Get out of your way. Don’t buy all the craziness around you. Most of it isn’t yours to begin with. By finding a center point you can trust yourself and the process, without it, you’ll be the Eight of Pentacles, which is no fun.

A little extra with the repeating numbers that appeared. Balance is also reinforced with the number Eight showing up twice. You need to find your center and stay grounded. Illness comes when we dive headlong into stress and fear. Which goes to the Fives that showed up offering us instability.

Well, sorry, it appears to be a bit of a rocky time but know,  you’ll make it through as long as you take care of yourself. Thanks for reading.

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