Weekend Oracle for July 14, – 16, 2017


The weekend is here and there is a lot to take in. Just know that you need to break down a wall or two. Check out the post and look below for the other post that I reference.





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Weekly Tarot for July 10, – 16, 2017


This week’s reading features the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong. Looking at the week ahead it is one that is going to be fairly busy and that’s okay as it’ll make time go by quicker.

The First card this week is the Three of Wands,  ideas are all around us. If we listen closely we can hear them clearly. This week you need to listen to your inner voice, intuition as well as others. What you are actually doing is seeking what inspires you. It could be a small idea you overhear at a restaurant that could lead to a big breakthrough with something that you’ve been struggling with. It could be that final piece of needed inspiration at just the right time.

Three of Pentacles, is telling us to get to work. Put in the effort this is a time to make things happen. As you push forward you will discover how much simpiler things are coming together. So even though it may be hard work to some this is your passion you’re creating. This makes you push and thrive.

The High Priestess, Says be open even to the darkness that lurks inside. You’re guides are there to help protect but sometimes we must not deny what our intuition says. When we look at the Shadow of ourselves we can see what we must work on. We can know how to intuitivley make those changes for ourselves and by ourselves. Allow the divine femine to help heal you.

Ten of Wands- Reversed, This week when you find yourself in a place where doubt calls home understand that you are the one that is creating this. You’re the one blocking the path. There are times when we are working on something that we have to allow others to help. You have to learn to trust yourself, your instincts and sometimes even others.

Sitting on top of the Three of Wands and the Three of Pentacles you have to realize that you can’t block yourself and expect to create. When we are blocked we have used all of our energy fighting positive change. Find a away to embrace the new and to let go of the block. Healing is a huge part of letting go and moving forward.

Knight of Pentacles – Be proud of yourself but remain humble. When we come to terms with who we are we truly need to own our success but also our loses. Sure we can catch a lucky break now and then but ultimatley we control our fate. Also though know that you can still where your armour but let others in. Not everyone needs to know your story and the ones that do, well you will run the risk and let down your sheild.

Wheel of Fortune – Reversed, The time is now for us to take action with the Wheel.  Instead of spinning the wheel and letting it see where the chips fall, we actually have the opportunity to create our own fortune. You just have to be willing to take that risk and create and craft your path and direction.

Finally we have the Four of Pentacles, Abundance can be had if you allow it. As I said in the past card you control your fate. Br prepared to create what you want and what you desire. Be open!

Advise this week. Create and be open. Don’t block yourself from seeing the truths you’d rather not. There is a reason they are being presented. Embrace and change what you can. Protect yourself but participate. Life is a grand adventure but you have to participate to make the most of it.

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Weekly Tarot for May 7 – 13, 2017


First up there will be a second post this week as there will be a Full Moon on the 10th. This week’s reading amused me as the final card is the same as the final in the New Moon from a couple fo weeks ago.  It’s fitting when I look at the cards that are leading up to this guy again.


The Seven of Wands is offering me a bit of a different feel tonight. It feels as if your intuitive side is meeting up with your guides and ancestors. This isn’t something that you are consciously aware of as most of the time this is occurring when you are sleeping or at least in an unplugged state.  They’re trying to offer you direction and guidance. It is up to you to make the choice of what you need to pursue.


The Ace of Swords is telling us to fly. We have the ability to see our truth and to speak it. It’s the time to follow our passion and release what has kept us grounded.  You are being energized and will find that ideas are coming much easier, could be with the help of your guides that you are seeing more of how things are interconnected.


Eight of Cups is all watery including the sign of Pisces there in the Moon. The glasses are all submerged and it appears that he is reaching blindly for them. To me, this says that the choices that you are mulling over maybe made with your intuition.  Between the last card and this one, I’d say your dreams are leaning toward a much grander scale than ever before. Remember though for anything to take root you have to start simple and build.


The Chariot is all about moving forward but now you have the illumination you need. Know as you charge forward that the water may be rough but you are in control.  You hold the reins as well as the light. Remember you have the power so charge forward.

Resting on the Eight of Wands and the Ace of Swords, use the connection you have with your guides and ancestors to move past the things that have blocked you. You can cut ties and own your true self. Know that you can fly above the things that have you tethered and will succeed, it is up to you to do what you must.


The Nine of Wands is telling us that when we chose, remember to be humble. Even though we may see something grand we will only truly appreciate it if we work for it. Humility is something that will serve us on our journey. Also, know that even if you only chose one at this time you will have many more opportunities in the future.

Resting on the Ace of Swords and the Eight of Cups. Know that you’ve reclaimed your power more than that you’ve learned to trust yourself and your instincts. Offer thanks for what you’ve discovered and know to be true, more opportunities are coming your way, you just might not feel them yet. I say feel because you’ve plugged into your passion and that isn’t something we always see. It is more of a feeling.


I said Passion and now we have the Two of Cups. Though for me this is never really about the ripping off one’s clothes off this is more about your partner and the one who you see as your equal. This is what helps keep you grounded on your quest. It could be special someone, it could be a family. Whatever it is that brings you joy to your home know that you need to embrace it because you’re going to find your first real supporters there.

Resting on the Chariot, if you’re not in a relationship you may find one coming in very quickly. This could be a new friendship, a romantic partnership or even a business partner. Whichever it is, be ready as there is one coming and it will be one that is very good for you and your move forward.


The King of Swords tells us that this partner will speak their truth. They will be honest and fair but they will also offer you the chance to succeed. They will show you a path that they’ve taken and how they made it. Be prepared to impress.

Resting on the Chariot and the Nine of Wands know this is part of your journey forward. When this person gives you guidance remember to be grateful and humble if need be. This could be an opportunity that will change your world and give you that chance you’ve longed for.


Okay, no lie when I looked at the Ten of Coins here the first thing that popped into my head was, ‘Here are the keys to the Kingdom.’ That my friend would be a rapid rise.  I’m sure it was just the key in the image, but if we look at the riches that is in the box you have to wonder if this isn’t more of a reward for our hard work. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we get paid to do what we love? However, the other way to look at this is to think of all the riches in your life. Think of the things and people that make your life rich every day.

Resting on the King of Swords and the Ten of Coins if the bucks start rolling in remember to keep a level head and stay humble. As quickly as the riches come in they can quickly go away.


Lastly, we have our old friend the magician. Spinning and creating all that we need. This is the biggest part of this reading. We have all of our tools and skills, it’s time to turn each one of them into something with meaning. Think of that lightning as the energy required for your magnificent creation. Be amazed as you watch it grow.

Best Course of Action for the Week: Connect with the message you’re getting. Let your imagination take flight and you will soon see the opportunities that are being presented.  Be humble and thankful for all that you have. Know that a new partnership is on its way and you will soon discover riches in many areas of your life. Lastly, focus your energy on your creations.

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A Little Food for Thought (Value)


Over the last few weeks as I’ve spoken to others there has been a reoccurring theme dealing with self-value or self-worth. You may not think that this is a big deal unless you know someone or you yourself have issues with your self-esteem. Some, but not all with this issue will say I’m sorry way too often. Others take this to mean that the words don’t hold meaning, as they are said so often, however, that isn’t the truth. The truth is that the person is genuinely sorry. They have taken on the blame and responsibility for others that no matter who’s to blame when something goes wrong they feel it is their fault.

Someone post a cartoon earlier this week that said to use the words Thank you instead of I’m sorry and in some cases that might work. Showing your gratitude about someone spending time with you instead of feeling like you’ve imposed on them is certainly a great way to re-frame the situation for all concerned. However, it doesn’t work in all cases. This still doesn’t get to the root of why the person says Sorry, it just kind of glosses over it. So while they put on a smile and say thank you, you have to wonder what is really going on in the persons head. Are they just putting on a false front, a mask per say because they know you can’t stand them saying sorry.

How about this instead? How about asking them why they say it? Ask them why they feel that way? By taking time to pose a few questions you may open a dialogue that will help them change. By making them realize that things aren’t always there fault they can learn to only take responsibility for themselves and not the world.

Think of this if you can open a dialogue or at least get them thinking maybe they can then go back and see where these feelings originated from; where they began to take the blame. In most cases it stems from a past event and unfortunately it is most likely from when they were a child. It could’ve been what some would consider a small thing. It could be something major or it could be something that was a reoccurring theme. The person or persons that caused them to feel this way could be a whole cast of characters from loved ones to a bully, no matter who it was it is something that still makes those feelings come to the surface.
In most cases it’s because they haven’t been willing to look at where those feeling comes from. Going within for answers is one of the hardest things, because you may discover things long buried and hidden. A great image to think of is from The Empire Strikes Back and Luke goes into the cave and finds himself confronting Vader only to see his own face looking back at him under the mask.
In our society we don’t deal with feelings in most cases we medicate in numerous different ways to avoid doing the work; an escape from a day, the week or even the past, something to truly numb us. No one really wants to deal with the ugliness that might be lurking inside.

Truth is that if we look at the darkness and work through it, we can embrace the light much better. As an adult we can look back at the people who wronged us and forgive. Re-frame their actions as well as ours. I’m not talking about rewriting history; I’m speaking of taking all the pieces of the puzzle and looking closely, looking for clues or patterns. Seeking a release from the past hurts and sadness. Letting go and cleansing our soul. By letting go of the responsibility of others actions in the past and truly seeing that none of it was our fault we can release and cut the cord to that burden.

So how does this tie into self-worth? So, there is another characteristic of the person that may not have the best idea of their worth and that is the people pleaser. They are always willing to help no matter what. Their friends many consider them Convenient as they know they will always be there no matter what. Truth is part of the reason they are a people pleaser is because they are always looking for outside validation. They want to please because they are complimented or told how wonderful they are for doing this. (Please don’t take this to mean that all acts of kindness are done for this reason. Even the people pleaser does truly want to help. It is just that there is a little something extra in it for them.)

I’m sure at this point, if you still reading you are wondering where all this is leading, well it is simple. A person that questions their value is normally seeking it outside themselves. Whether it be through praise or some status symbol. The truth is our Self Worth should come from no one else but us. At times it’s hard when you are still stuck in the, I’m sorry mode because you can’t get out of your own head. The negative tapes that have played for so long aren’t easy to erase and yes very much like any other addiction they can come back playing their golden oldie, Negative Self Talk. But by taking time and sorting through the muck you can get past it. You can see your positives emerge. Even better you aren’t self-sabotaging by giving others the power to make you feel less than you are. You’re owning you, all parts and you know your worth.

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Happy Easter

First, I like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

When I remember Easter growing up it was all about getting dressing your Easter outfit and getting candy. The morning would start out of course with the glorious Easter Basket, filled with candy and colored eggs. It was always exciting seeing what delicious treats the Easter Bunny might have brought. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Robin’s Malted Eggs, and the heavenly Elmer’s Gold Brick Melt-a-Way Eggs were my faves. You could’ve kept everything else.

In fact, there never seem to be enough of the good stuff as the basket always managed to have more of the candy I hated and the stuff that my mother or grandmother loved. Hmm. As an adult, I can see it was all part of their devious plot. Ha!

When I was a mom for a brief time and created the Easter baskets, I created one for myself as well. I may not have had the same enthusiasm as a kid but I got the candy I wanted. However, by the time I was a mom, Easter Baskets had changed, and besides candy, they usually included a small toy of some sort. The first Easter, I had my step-daughters living with me; I bought them New Kids on the Block dolls. They were five and seven. Since, they had just moved in only a few months before, they didn’t have many toys. So, I figured I’d get them the NKOTB dolls so Courtney and Skipper would have friends. What was I thinking?

Easter morning the girls were so excited to see their treasures. They loved their dolls and couldn’t wait to play with them. So while my then husband and I made breakfast they ran into their room and played. Everything was normal until the suspicious little girl laughter. This wasn’t the laughter of innocent fun. This was the laughter of we’re doing something we shouldn’t be. I walked in to discover all four dolls naked. The New Kid was on top of Courtney. The girls were laughing until I asked what was going on. The oldest responded with a simple. “Nothing.”

The youngest almost couldn’t wait to spill her guts. “It was M’s idea. She wanted to play naked town and let the Barbies have sex.”

What? I stood there for a moment and tried to wrap my head around it. Where had they learned about this from? I had my then hubby come get the youngest and had a talk with the oldest about what she knew. When she use to go to daycare someone had told her that sex was when a man and woman laid on top of each other naked. So, I explained there was more to it and when she got a little older I would discuss. As I said Easter had changed a little by the time I got to be a mom.

Now, as an Adult Easter isn’t about Candy, though I must admit that I ordered twelve of Gold Brick Eggs from a local NOLA vendor. You can’t find them anywhere in the Midwest. It took a month to eat and filled my need for them for quite a while. For me, Easter has become a day to enjoy my family and look at all the blessings I have.

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