Weekly Tarot for May 7 – 13, 2017


First up there will be a second post this week as there will be a Full Moon on the 10th. This week’s reading amused me as the final card is the same as the final in the New Moon from a couple fo weeks ago.  It’s fitting when I look at the cards that are leading up to this guy again.


The Seven of Wands is offering me a bit of a different feel tonight. It feels as if your intuitive side is meeting up with your guides and ancestors. This isn’t something that you are consciously aware of as most of the time this is occurring when you are sleeping or at least in an unplugged state.  They’re trying to offer you direction and guidance. It is up to you to make the choice of what you need to pursue.


The Ace of Swords is telling us to fly. We have the ability to see our truth and to speak it. It’s the time to follow our passion and release what has kept us grounded.  You are being energized and will find that ideas are coming much easier, could be with the help of your guides that you are seeing more of how things are interconnected.


Eight of Cups is all watery including the sign of Pisces there in the Moon. The glasses are all submerged and it appears that he is reaching blindly for them. To me, this says that the choices that you are mulling over maybe made with your intuition.  Between the last card and this one, I’d say your dreams are leaning toward a much grander scale than ever before. Remember though for anything to take root you have to start simple and build.


The Chariot is all about moving forward but now you have the illumination you need. Know as you charge forward that the water may be rough but you are in control.  You hold the reins as well as the light. Remember you have the power so charge forward.

Resting on the Eight of Wands and the Ace of Swords, use the connection you have with your guides and ancestors to move past the things that have blocked you. You can cut ties and own your true self. Know that you can fly above the things that have you tethered and will succeed, it is up to you to do what you must.


The Nine of Wands is telling us that when we chose, remember to be humble. Even though we may see something grand we will only truly appreciate it if we work for it. Humility is something that will serve us on our journey. Also, know that even if you only chose one at this time you will have many more opportunities in the future.

Resting on the Ace of Swords and the Eight of Cups. Know that you’ve reclaimed your power more than that you’ve learned to trust yourself and your instincts. Offer thanks for what you’ve discovered and know to be true, more opportunities are coming your way, you just might not feel them yet. I say feel because you’ve plugged into your passion and that isn’t something we always see. It is more of a feeling.


I said Passion and now we have the Two of Cups. Though for me this is never really about the ripping off one’s clothes off this is more about your partner and the one who you see as your equal. This is what helps keep you grounded on your quest. It could be special someone, it could be a family. Whatever it is that brings you joy to your home know that you need to embrace it because you’re going to find your first real supporters there.

Resting on the Chariot, if you’re not in a relationship you may find one coming in very quickly. This could be a new friendship, a romantic partnership or even a business partner. Whichever it is, be ready as there is one coming and it will be one that is very good for you and your move forward.


The King of Swords tells us that this partner will speak their truth. They will be honest and fair but they will also offer you the chance to succeed. They will show you a path that they’ve taken and how they made it. Be prepared to impress.

Resting on the Chariot and the Nine of Wands know this is part of your journey forward. When this person gives you guidance remember to be grateful and humble if need be. This could be an opportunity that will change your world and give you that chance you’ve longed for.


Okay, no lie when I looked at the Ten of Coins here the first thing that popped into my head was, ‘Here are the keys to the Kingdom.’ That my friend would be a rapid rise.  I’m sure it was just the key in the image, but if we look at the riches that is in the box you have to wonder if this isn’t more of a reward for our hard work. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we get paid to do what we love? However, the other way to look at this is to think of all the riches in your life. Think of the things and people that make your life rich every day.

Resting on the King of Swords and the Ten of Coins if the bucks start rolling in remember to keep a level head and stay humble. As quickly as the riches come in they can quickly go away.


Lastly, we have our old friend the magician. Spinning and creating all that we need. This is the biggest part of this reading. We have all of our tools and skills, it’s time to turn each one of them into something with meaning. Think of that lightning as the energy required for your magnificent creation. Be amazed as you watch it grow.

Best Course of Action for the Week: Connect with the message you’re getting. Let your imagination take flight and you will soon see the opportunities that are being presented.  Be humble and thankful for all that you have. Know that a new partnership is on its way and you will soon discover riches in many areas of your life. Lastly, focus your energy on your creations.

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New Moon April 26, 2017


For the New Moon, I’ve decided to do something a little different and mix things up. This time I’m using both Tarot and Oracle for the New Moon. While the Tarot will give us the direction and the Oracle will provide themes we might need to pay attention to during this New Moon cycle. I will be reading with the Legacy of the Divine Tarot and the NYC Vintage Subway Wanderlust Oracle.

Taking a peek at the astrology the New Moon is at 6degrees of Taurus. Not a surprise as we entered Taurus season a few days ago.  However, keep in mind we are still in the midst of Mercury Retrograde. For more on the Astrology, I direct you to the Astrology King for more details. Click Here.

So, let’s look at the Tarot:


The Moon is the first card up and it is slightly amusing to see the image of a moon that is so full yet we are in the dark moon phase. However, this is a very fitting card as the Moon sometimes keeps us from seeking the truth we need to see. I’m drawn to the dog that is howling at the moon. Our Goddess in the moonlight is totally oblivious which makes me ask are you hearing the messages that you need to hear? Are you seeing the truth in a situation? While it is okay to think we have things figured out, make sure you see things as they really are.



The Empress: what a lovely and fitting card for Spring. This card is brimming with Life. So, of course, this is the time to plant your seeds and see what comes forth. You have tons of ideas and this is the time to act on them. To take those first steps. As I said in the Weekly you are ending one journey and starting another. We all have ideas that are ramping up. Playing off the Moon we have so many ideas that we want to act on we just will need to truly look at the ones we are most passionate about.



The Ace of Swords is telling us to speak our truth. To own who we are and by doing so we will allow our ideas to take flight. The Eagle is a powerful creature. Use its power to focus on your intuition and your creativity. Your focus will be key during this time in getting accomplished what you want to do.  Look at things honestly, ideas are included in this.


The Two of Cups is one of my face cards as it truly is about love. However, this time I feel it is more about blending your feminine and masculine sides. If there is something that you’ve always wanted to do something that has been perceived to be of the opposite sex get out of your way and do it. This is a time to love yourself and love what you do. You never know who or what you might discover by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Resting on the Ace of Swords. I recommend taking some time to discover the truth about what makes you tick. Look at what holds you back as well as what gives you strength. This is a time to explore and look at the world through fresh eyes. Time to release some of those blocks from the past.


Hmm, the Nine of Swords is playing games with our thoughts and our dreams. This is the card that can distract us from what we want. Sure there might be some truth but what if there isn’t? What if this is just our shadow self, holding us back like it has in the past,

Resting on t the Ace of Swords, well it’s up to you to cut through the BS. You have great ideas but are you going to allow the negative self-talk creep in and keeping you from what you’ve always wanted to try? Are you going to allow it to keep you from allowing your dreams to take flight? Cut through the crap and get serious about what you want. If you have questions or are uncertain about your plans then right them out. See all that it will entail. No one says you have to rush in but you will regret if you don’t at least try.



The Magician is saying that you have the power and the tools that will allow you to create what you want. There is energy in your thoughts and your words. Even more important, as you take action you will gain energy and be amazed at the transformation you are creating.

Resting on the Two fo Cups and the Nine of Swords. Find your balance and know your truths. Keep the negativity at bay. You have the power, now is the time to take control.


So what are the Key Features that will help us through this New Moon.



Some will be looking for Mr or Ms. Right while others will just be looking to reconnect. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a romantic relationship. In fact thinking of the other cards in the reading I would say this is about your passion. Find the Romance for something that you love to do or create. Rekindle that fire.


Get Fancy. Maybe it si time to think about changing things up. Add a little style to what you are wearing. If you don’t wear makeup, take the words of my Grandmother and never leave home without a little lipstick on. If you have a set of dishes or an outfit that you love but it is only for a special occasion break it out. You’re alive and healthy so hey, that’s a special occasion. So get Fancy and enjoy.


Be Unique, well in some cases by Getting Fancy you will be Unique. On a serious side though embrace the fact that you aren’t like everyone else. Put yourself and your ideas out there. Sure some may reject you but you know what there will be others that love you.


Lastly, we have Adventure and I must say that I love that it has special there in the image. Think about this if you embrace your passion and get a little fancy and show your uniqueness you are bound to be in for an adventure. Because more than anything else you will be in for an adventure of a lifetime and one that you’ve dreamed of for years.

Well, that’s the New Moon. I hope you enjoyed the mixed reading. Let me know if you think I should do it for the Full Moon or stick to the normal tarot.  Hope you got the insight you were looking for.

Remember don’t forget to set your intentions.


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A Short Weekly for 2/18/2017


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Once again let me apologize for the absence of the Weekly as well as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The cards were still sitting on my desk from the Full Moon reading. All I can say is that sometimes life gets in the way. Anyway, I posted earlier that the weekly would be late and part of me thought that maybe I should just skip it and wait until the next one but it is Valentine’s Day and I had the cloth already picked out so well why not go ahead and do the reading. So, here is your weekly, all though a little shorter.

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is up first. You see your vision. You know what you want in the long term and are making plans to get it. Know that any muck that is around is only temporary. Change is in the air. Focus on the positive and strive forward to make it a reality.

King of Wands

The King of Wands is offering you the energy of thought and creativity. He has a smile on his face and appears to be at peace.Even though it isn’t a true seven his wand and a belt offers a strong seven allowing us to create and show our individuality. The Red Dragon in the background is also sp[eaking to us of change. So bring your vision into reality.

nine of coins

The Nine of Coins is telling us to admire what we have. Look at what we’ve created and be proud of our success and accomplishments. There is beauty all around even in the darkness if you look around.


The Moon reversed is telling us to not be discouraged when things don’t go your way. Sometimes we don’t take into account the things that are out of our control when we are creating our vision. These are the unknowns and this is what the Moon reversed is showing us.  Remember it is okay, stay on target and keep trying.

The Empress

The Empress is telling us that we need to nurture our creation. We are giving life to what to our vision and our creation. So know that the time is drawing closer to the birth of something incredible, you just can’t be distracted.

Best Advice: It doesn’t matter if it is a project, job or relationship, you’re creating something that will be life altering. Keep going and focus on what you want for the outcome.


As always I hope you enjoyed the reading and if you want a private reading via online please click the above link.

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Have a great Week and Happy Valentine’s Day again!



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Weekly Tarot for 1/22-28/2017



Here we are with the weekly again. Lot’s of wild energy going on right now in our world and I’m pretty positive it is going to continue. So, as we move forward and transition it is good practice to meditate and always reconnect and ground your energy.  Keeping that in mind let’s get to the Weekly.

Three of Wands

The first card we’re taking a look at is the Three of Wands. You see a ship headed toward you, but you are trying to figure out if it’s going to stop it pass you by. This is a choice that is up to you. If you’re willing to put in the work you can figure out how to get on that ship. Remember you have to be the one to do it. You have to seize the opportunity no one can do it for you. People can offer you help or in some cases even connections but you are the one that has to take action. So do it.



So now that you’ve made it to the ship the Eight of Wands is telling us to choose what we are seeking. There are many options and we can try them all. Most will offer us some degree of success, but there are a few that will take us over the top. The key here is to choose the one you’re most passionate about. Sure you can love what you do but are you passionate? Can you feel you absolute joy what you talk about what you want to do? Can you feel your energy shift? Sure think about the practical side but in truth find something you are passionate about even if it is only on a part-time basis.

Seven of Wands

With the Seven of Wands, we are coming into our own. While it may feel like we are walking into something much bigger than we are, you have to realize that you are in control of yourself. You can look at the wands awaiting you and see your growth. You are changing your life and are growing into the person you need and want to be. Change for some means fear but in all honesty, it is just another choice and very well could be a great opportunity.

Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins is telling us to see our future the way we want it. Manifest, it and make it happen. Resting on the Three and Eight of Wands you see the full potential so make it happen. Don’t waste time just daydreaming either. Plan it out and set goals, real goals and put your energy and thoughts into them. Manifest and create this is the time for it.


What the Six of Swords is telling us in the reverse position is that you can see the potential obstacles that may be ahead but you can move past them. They might seem impossible initially but you have the strength to move past them. Resting on the Eight of Wands and the Seven it reinforces the fact that you can move ahead. You see the potential in your choices and now you’ve taken you power and own it. This gives you the strength and the permission to make things happen in your life.

Ace of Coins

The Ace of Coins is offering us a new start and new experiences. As we move forward we will find new avenues of growth are waiting. While we may not win the lottery we will see some increase in our good fortune. Now that may mean that you might be able to splurge at the store on something you wanted or a date night no matter it is a fortunate start.

Resting on the Queen of Coins and the Six of Swords, when splurging try to make plans and choices that won’t break the bank or mess up other future plans. Don’t create obstacles that will block your progress.

Ace of Swords

Another Ace, so we have two new beginnings this week. Not surprising with the energy we are having. The Ace of Swords is telling us to take flight and go after what we are seeking.  We have the power to make it happen and you will if you are willing to take the risk. Remember calculated risk are a much safer bet than just jumping in. So if your plans are in order it is time to push through and go after your goals.

seven of coins

With the Seven of Coins, you see your bounty and it is almost time to harvest it. Just a little while longer and that basket will be full. Take pride in what you’ve accomplished but remember to share with those that can use it. You will have more than enough when all is said and done. If you can’t use it, in most cases someone else can. When you share. you’ll get the gift of giving but more important you’ll get to meet others and in some cases, that’s a gift all by itself.


The reading started off with so many choices and now as we bring it to a close there is yet another one that awaits. The Two fo Wands offers us one key and this is a question to ponder. While there is only one key is it possible that it will open both boxes. Will it allow us to have all that we are working toward ant what we desire? If it will great, but there is still a choice for as you open the one box you may find yourself distracted from the other and possibly missing out on something wonderful. Remember, to take a look inside the other box and do the one you’re most passionate about first or if you can do them simultaneously.

Facts of note about this week’s reading: we have two Aces, four Wands, and three Coins.

The Aces: New Beginnings

The Wands: Energy and in this case using extra energy to accomplish and manifest.

The Coins: Success, practicality, and determination.

Best Course of Action for the Week: Go for what you want. It may push you but you can do it and make your dreams a reality.


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Weekly Tarot for January 8 -14, 2016



Hooray, hooray Mercury goes Direct today. Hopefully, now, my electronic devices will not be so off.  So what does this week hold in store for you, laying out the cards it seems like it will be an interesting week of self-discovery. Time to get down to work and fulfill those long hoped for dreams.




The Knight of Swords starts us off. What I find amusing is that there isn’t a sword on this card. However, a Hawk, their talons, and beak certainly could cut you like a knife. There is more to the Hawk, though. Many times in my travel  I will spot a Hawk in a tree or on a power line. True and rare beauty is when you are lucky enough to see one in flight.So what does this have to do with this reading? Think about the Hawk sitting high on the powerline or a billboard taking in all that is around him. He is looking at the big picture. He uses his vision to seize the opportunities that are being presented to him. Sometimes he has to get creative to accomplish his task. So taking those things and apply them to your daily life. Look at the big picture are there opportunities that will help you do you need to get more creative? If not it is certainly time to do so.

The Tower

The Tower is only reinforcing what I wrote above. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and break things up. We are in a great time of transition and you need to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. By clearing out the old stuff or habits you are making way for the new and good things to come to you.


The Five of Swords is telling us to take back our power. We can take control and make plans we don’t have to live in fear. Sure things aren’t set in stone but unless you change your attitude things will not change. So, instead of handing your power over to others and allowing them to dictate your life know that you have some control. Remember though that the first steps in taking back your power will be frightening. It is always easier to lay blame on someone else when we have relinquished control.

The Emperor

The Emperor is very fitting as it is resting on the Knight of Swords and the Tower. Look, at him, he is high above and surveying everything. This is the reoccurring theme this week. Look around you. What do you see? Where do you need to make changes? This is the time for your to make changes. It appears you are ready to head the Five fo Swords advice and take back your power. Own who you are, remember you can’t please everyone.


The Two fo Wands, I love this interpretation of this card. Looks like there are choices waiting for you. You hold the key and well the power. Which do you choose?  This feels like you are allowing yourself to be open to the possibility of a grand adventure. You’ve decided that you are up for the task at hand, no matter how hard the challenge is. You are ready to take that next step.

Resting on the Tower and The Five of Swords well this is kind of your reward for doing what you had to do. The reward for walking through the challenges and coming out on the other end.


With the Eight of Wands, we are being shown all the possibilities that are in front of us. You’ve made your choice and are now ready to be the hawk and survey what you really want. Take aim and head in the direction you choose but remember now that Mercury is direct it will be much easier to see the direction that is truly calling you.

The above says all that needs to be said about it resting on the Emperor and the Two of Wands. Survey and look at the big picture you hold the key to your destiny.


The Four of Wands reversed may make you feel like you were on a roll only to have it taken away but that isn’t the case. The view isn’t as bleak as it appears. While there is darkness, I feel that this is more of a start. In order for anything to grow it must be watered and nurtured. It has to have good roots. Look at this as making strong roots. You have your vision you can see it more clearly than you have been able to in a while, now find your focus.


The Eight of Coins, (the second eight of the reading. A little more info about the numerology can be found here.) What this card is telling us is to figure out a true plan. If you are writing then go back through and see what you can scrap. If you are thinking of returning to school, find a way to make it happen. Studying what you really want and finding a way to make it a reality is very important right now.

Best Advice for this Week: Look at the big picture. Take Back your power and own yourself. You have the keys to look at what you really want time to start nurturing it and making it become a reality.Remember you’ve had the power all along it is just a matter of you choosing to change your destiny.

I hope you have a good week. Don’t forget the Full Moon report will be out this week. If you want a reading you can schedule one at ReadingsbyDauna.com

Thanks for reading,


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Weekly Tarot Reading for October 30 – November 5, 2016


As many of you know from my earlier post there is a New Moon on October 30th in the sign of Scorpio. ( You can find the post here.) This is going to be a very intuitive week, so when you see things that resonate with you at your core, please make sure to pay attention.

Two of Swords

The first card up is the Two of Swords. Right off I can tell you this is a card for Libra and well Balance. There may be times this week that you feel that you are running blind that you don’t know what to do. The truth is if you search deep in your core you will soon discover that you can see what others won’t. You will have choices ahead but if you trust the process you will do the right thing.

Know there maybe some illusions presented you will see past them but more importantly you will find the balance that you’ve been missing for most of the month. So plug into the Universe or your soul and see what messages you can gather this week.

nine of coins

Take a little time this week to stop and admire the beauty of life. While Fall is in the air there are still many beautiful sites to see. The gift of a warmer than usually Fall has allowed us to enjoy the scenery just a little longer than normal.

More than that, take a moment and stop to admire all that you’ve accomplished in your life. Remember the little things mean a lot. So if it was just a smile from a stranger embrace the joy they shared. Embrace your home, family, and friends for as time marches on many things and people are likely to change.


So the first King up is the King of Cups and he is all about Water and emotions. So you would think this is more about you being overly emotional but to the contrary, this is more about you being stoic. The thing that stands out most to me is the empty chalice. He holds it very carefully but it is empty, It feels as if he waiting for something to awaken him emotionally from a long slumber.

This isn’t really surprising as the month of October has had many ups and downs. Between the constant election news and just things going on in everyday life emotionally a lot of people are spent. This week take a breath and focus on what will fill your cup with joy, find it and even if it is only for a few fleeting moments embrace it.


Death: A perfect card since the Day of the Dead is this week. While the card may seem intimidating know that there is new life. More important know that this week there will be messages from those that have passed offering us hope and possible a better idea for how to meet our future goals.

This is also a good time to make amends if you need to with those on the other side. Release those past hurts and offer forgiveness or an apology. Do whatever you need to free yourself from the burden of the past.  Change is everywhere and this is something that will truly help you as you move forward.

Resting on the Two fo Swords and the Nine of Coins. This is telling us to have a little blind faith. Appreciate what we’ve been given but understand that there is a growth opportunity afoot and change is coming. Rise to the challenge and be grateful for what is given.


The King of Swords is all about air or in this case your thoughts. This is the time to cut to your truth in your thoughts. As you move forward making plans don’t allow your thoughts to conspire against you. If they start to turn dark stop and take a moment and examine them. See if this is truly your mind working or is this a thought from the past that you have been programmed with.  Release them if they were there from long ago. Embrace a change and instead of looking at the potential for failure look at the potential for success. Know that as long as you try you will have taken a step to change your life.

Resting on the Nine of Coins and the King of Cups and next to Death this is a multi-message position. By appreciating what you have and having a cup that is waiting to be filled you can accept the coming changes. You can allow your thoughts to take flight and to inspire you future and growth.


This card is perfect for this week because while Justice may appear to be blind it is intuitively finding balance and footing in the future. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? What do you want to attract in your Life? Allow your head and heart to guide you to the path that you’ve been longing to be on. While you may have a partner or two on this journey know that this is your soul’s calling. Use your knowledge and you strength to embark on this journey.

Resting on the  Death Card and the King of Swords you are allowing the thoughts to lead you forward. Transforming into the person and the life you want. You are letting the old habits fall away and turning a blind eye to their temptation.

Eight of Wands

With a clearer head, you can see the journey you need to be on. You can clearly begin to focus on your long-term goals. It has felt lately like you were trudging in the muck. Now you can see what is rising out of the ash. You are beginning to see your dreams manifest into reality.  There is Sagittarius energy with this card so you are likely to see some very fast changes as you move forward. Stay on point and target and things should really start moving in December.

Resting on Justice you trust yourself more and have released the nagging doubt that has been plaguing you for years. You know it is important to take the steps now to ensure your future.



Finally free, well to a certain extent. You are now able to see things in a more positive light and you feel more connected to the universe and all that is around you. You’ve made it through and a time fo growth is at hand. Reach for the stars or at least what you want in your life.

Best Advice:Trust your gut and your intuition. Appreciate all that you have and know that change is afoot. This is a time for release and moving forward to what you want to attract for your future and life.


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