New Moon Tarot/Oracle for May 25, 2017


The New Moon is Thursday, May 25, 2017, at  02:46 PM  Chicago time. The New Moon is at 4 degrees of Gemini and is a Super Moon a term we usually see with a Full Moon. For more on the Astrology click on the link and go to Astrology King to get the low down.  

Let’s see what the cards are telling us. This week I Chose the Revelations Tarot and the Wisdom of the Oracle to give us a full picture.


The Hierophant almost feels as he is telling us to pause for a moment and collect ourselves. Do we have everything in order? Do we have a plan or are we just rushing in hoping it all works out for the best? Take a moment, survey the path that lies ahead of you. Is it where you want to be? That is the message this card is providing us as we step into the energy of the New Moon.


The Four of Cups Reversed. The good news here is that you have more control. You get to pick and choose what you wish to be in your life instead of holding on to everything for dear life. She is actually joyful at what she is discovering. While there may be physical discoveries in your life that create joy. This will also be a time where you find joy in your self-discovery.  Don’t be frightened to try something new or for that matter to release some of the past. If you take a step back and reframe it you might look at the good you shared with the person instead of thinking of the bad. While remembering can be a good thing don’t get stuck in there. Let the negative aspects go and work on healing yourself. Remember you are in control and this is about you finding a way to bring more joy into your life.


The Knight of Swords Reversed is showing us that we are ready to rush into things blindly and cut away what we don’t need in our life. We are tired of being stuck in a rut and know that we must embrace the coming changes.

Resting on the Hierophant and the Four of Cups Reversed: Know that while there is a lot of energy, you must remember that there is a needed plan in place. Yes, it is tempting to cut ties and collect all that you want but you have to remember that there is a reaction for every action. So be cautious as you make changes.


The King of Pentacles right after the Reversed Knight makes me think of the Family Matters Character Steve Urkel saying; “Did I do that?” The King is almost stoic after his wild ride, really not so surprising when you consider the energy he used. For us, though this is once again making us stop and think about our actions. When one takes swift actions to change their life even in the smallest way there is bound to be a few people that will question what you have done. The thing is you are willing to listen to things others say you are not indifferent the only change comes as you will not allow them to steal your energy or change your mind.  You are listening to your gut and intuition and doing what feels right for you.



The Fool says okay I listened but I’m off on my journey. You can join me or you can stay but understand you can’t stop me. You see what many don’t at this time. You feel you see your path of transformation and are ready to make it real. You’re ready to do the work and create your life with the way you see it. You understand that it may not be perfect but you also know that there will be lessons and joy on this journey.


The King of Swords reversed some may say that he is blocking his sight but I feel it is more about trusting his knowing. Trusting his gut versus what may deceive that is in front of his eyes. This is a time to meditate and send the energy out to manifest your world. The New Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for this cycle. Once you do and you focus that energy you might be surprised at how things move the way you want them too.

Now on to the Oracle Portion. The Oracle cards are a little bit of a guide on what you should do to achieve your attentions during this cycle.


By The Book, what exactly does that mean? Following the same path, everyone else does. Subscribing to the same old norms and ideas. Sure they might work for some but there is also the possibility that you should write your own rule book to a certain point. While there are certain rules that are mandatory there are many that are not. So if you want to experiment with your dress and some feel you shouldn’t because you’re too old to wear that. There is a rule in some eyes as to what you can wear but whose rule is it? They may have a point if you’re showing off your goods to the world but if you are comfortable then it really shouldn’t matter.

So during this cycle see what rules really apply and what don’t. Remember this is about you changing your life.


Truth Be Told – This card came up last weekend as well. In this reading, it is all about you owning your truth. Speak it proudly and understand some won’t agree. That’s fine as they have their own truth. We all live life and experience truth in a different way. My truth may not be the same as your’s but that doesn’t make it any less truthful in my eyes. This is one of our greatest flaws as well as our greatest gifts. It’s a flaw as for some a lie can still be the truth but the greatest gift is when the truth can offer so much clarity and freedom. So speak your Truth and say it loud and say it proud.  Well, not too loud that you disturb someone or get yourself into trouble. 😉



All That Glitters – Certainly, we all know by now that all that glitters isn’t gold. Heck, usually it is gold plated and can even turn your skin green.  What does that mean for us? While you aspire to be another because of the success they have achieved, remember that you don’t know all that it took. While they may put on a smile and share with the world how fantastic life is they may be hiding something that you wouldn’t imagine. SO during this period instead of looking to be inspired by others. Look at yourself and see what you can create to inspire you. Be honest with yourself about your talents and embrace them. Know that by doing so you are being real and stepping into the strength of our journey.


A Change In The Wind – This is where things get tricky. While this reading has focused on change when it arrives sometimes we are terrified of what it might bring. If we could be patient and let things unfurl we might see how good tings will be. Fear can make us stop in our transformation because life is much easier when we have a routine and we are comfortable even if we’re dealing with dark and depressing things.

When my Grandmother was in a care facility she would complain that her suite mate was stealing diapers and other things. She complained everytime I talked to her. So when it was time for a meeting with the administration I asked to have her moved. My Gram who was part of this meeting protested and said no she didn’t want to move. When we left the meeting I asked her why. She told me it was because she knew what she was dealing with and she could put up with it. She didn’t want a new suite mate as she didn’t know what she would get.  This is a prime example of blocking that change.

So know that change is coming and that you need to embrace it as it is time.

Best Course of Advice: Stop and take in all the details and make a plan. Enjoy the discoveries about yourself and the world around you. When you feel a need to break free from the things you feel are holding you back, stop and think of your long-term goal. Listen to others concern and then let them know of your journey. Remember to manifest your intuitions.

A Little Food For Thought: As we step into the New Moon this Thursday make your intentions and make them clear. Note that as you see the transformations in your life occurring it is not the time to back down and think that everything will work out because you put it out there. Yes, our intentions have energy and they can draw what we need to us. However, if we are not receptive or are not willing to do the work our fortunes can reverse just as quickly as they came to us. So remember to be clear and be ready to do what you have to, to bring things to fruition.

Whew, I know it was a long one but I think it should offer some direction and clarity. Hang in there, things are shaking up and we will see many changes in our daily world as well as our long-term views.

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© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image from the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong and images from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards by Colette Baron-Reid





Weekly Tarot for May 7 – 13, 2017


First up there will be a second post this week as there will be a Full Moon on the 10th. This week’s reading amused me as the final card is the same as the final in the New Moon from a couple fo weeks ago.  It’s fitting when I look at the cards that are leading up to this guy again.


The Seven of Wands is offering me a bit of a different feel tonight. It feels as if your intuitive side is meeting up with your guides and ancestors. This isn’t something that you are consciously aware of as most of the time this is occurring when you are sleeping or at least in an unplugged state.  They’re trying to offer you direction and guidance. It is up to you to make the choice of what you need to pursue.


The Ace of Swords is telling us to fly. We have the ability to see our truth and to speak it. It’s the time to follow our passion and release what has kept us grounded.  You are being energized and will find that ideas are coming much easier, could be with the help of your guides that you are seeing more of how things are interconnected.


Eight of Cups is all watery including the sign of Pisces there in the Moon. The glasses are all submerged and it appears that he is reaching blindly for them. To me, this says that the choices that you are mulling over maybe made with your intuition.  Between the last card and this one, I’d say your dreams are leaning toward a much grander scale than ever before. Remember though for anything to take root you have to start simple and build.


The Chariot is all about moving forward but now you have the illumination you need. Know as you charge forward that the water may be rough but you are in control.  You hold the reins as well as the light. Remember you have the power so charge forward.

Resting on the Eight of Wands and the Ace of Swords, use the connection you have with your guides and ancestors to move past the things that have blocked you. You can cut ties and own your true self. Know that you can fly above the things that have you tethered and will succeed, it is up to you to do what you must.


The Nine of Wands is telling us that when we chose, remember to be humble. Even though we may see something grand we will only truly appreciate it if we work for it. Humility is something that will serve us on our journey. Also, know that even if you only chose one at this time you will have many more opportunities in the future.

Resting on the Ace of Swords and the Eight of Cups. Know that you’ve reclaimed your power more than that you’ve learned to trust yourself and your instincts. Offer thanks for what you’ve discovered and know to be true, more opportunities are coming your way, you just might not feel them yet. I say feel because you’ve plugged into your passion and that isn’t something we always see. It is more of a feeling.


I said Passion and now we have the Two of Cups. Though for me this is never really about the ripping off one’s clothes off this is more about your partner and the one who you see as your equal. This is what helps keep you grounded on your quest. It could be special someone, it could be a family. Whatever it is that brings you joy to your home know that you need to embrace it because you’re going to find your first real supporters there.

Resting on the Chariot, if you’re not in a relationship you may find one coming in very quickly. This could be a new friendship, a romantic partnership or even a business partner. Whichever it is, be ready as there is one coming and it will be one that is very good for you and your move forward.


The King of Swords tells us that this partner will speak their truth. They will be honest and fair but they will also offer you the chance to succeed. They will show you a path that they’ve taken and how they made it. Be prepared to impress.

Resting on the Chariot and the Nine of Wands know this is part of your journey forward. When this person gives you guidance remember to be grateful and humble if need be. This could be an opportunity that will change your world and give you that chance you’ve longed for.


Okay, no lie when I looked at the Ten of Coins here the first thing that popped into my head was, ‘Here are the keys to the Kingdom.’ That my friend would be a rapid rise.  I’m sure it was just the key in the image, but if we look at the riches that is in the box you have to wonder if this isn’t more of a reward for our hard work. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we get paid to do what we love? However, the other way to look at this is to think of all the riches in your life. Think of the things and people that make your life rich every day.

Resting on the King of Swords and the Ten of Coins if the bucks start rolling in remember to keep a level head and stay humble. As quickly as the riches come in they can quickly go away.


Lastly, we have our old friend the magician. Spinning and creating all that we need. This is the biggest part of this reading. We have all of our tools and skills, it’s time to turn each one of them into something with meaning. Think of that lightning as the energy required for your magnificent creation. Be amazed as you watch it grow.

Best Course of Action for the Week: Connect with the message you’re getting. Let your imagination take flight and you will soon see the opportunities that are being presented.  Be humble and thankful for all that you have. Know that a new partnership is on its way and you will soon discover riches in many areas of your life. Lastly, focus your energy on your creations.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a read.

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The Weekend Oracle May 5 – 7, 2017


This Week’s deck is the Flower Therapy Oracle. I thought it was appropriate as the flowers are starting to bloom here in Illinois. I know for some Spring sprung a while ago and it is already starting to feel like Summer for you. While we will be in the seventies this weekend we had a Frost in the beginning of the week.  Anyway, enough about the weather, let’s just look at the flowers and see what they offer. (Yes, I know there is a reference to the Walking Dead, I don’t watch it but my hubby told me all about it.)

I chose four cards this week as I didn’t like the way the reading was ending with just three.

First, we have the Daisy telling us to simplify your life. The bottom of the card tells us that you’ve spread yourself too thin and this has to change so you can recharge yourself. While I won’t disagree, I believe there is more that just being spread too thin.

I feel that in many areas of our life we have come to a point where we might need to simplify. How many things in your life do you have that you don’t use? How many people in your life zap your energy? While I know we can’t be 100% happy all the time there is a way we can achieve some happiness by simplifying our lives.  If the friend that comes to you constantly for advice yet never takes it, ask yourself if the relationship is worth it? Are they draining you or disrespecting you? There has to come a time when one must realize that we can’t fix or help everyone. You can only do so much, no matter how bad you want to help remember them this is their problem and until they want to face the truth, you can’t help. So decided for yourself. I’m telling you to walk away or not be there. What I’m saying is to set boundaries. 

The next card up is Frangipani/Plumeria telling us to Raise our Vibration. The message is saying your intuitive feelings are accurate message from angels.

I do believe there is a lot of intuitive knowing and feelings going on. The key here is to trust them. When we are spinning around in chaos or just daily life sometimes it is hard to see or hear the messages that are right in front of us. This weekend eek out a few minutes to find a little time to meditate or at least be in nature.  If you tune out of the electronic world and plug into the natural world you might discover the answers coming to you much quicker.  Hence raising your vibration.

Next, we have the Snapdragon. Release Anger it says. Don’t give power to negative words by saying them. Speak from your Higher Self, and make your communication peaceful and loving.

I think you can see why I didn’t want to end here. Sometimes we may not even realize we are angry or negative. After all, we can’t see what others do. So take a step back if you don’t see your own negativity and really take a good look. Why are you stressed or mad? What makes you blow your fuse? Look at those things and release them. Reframe them if it was something from your past. It could be a person or an event. It could even be something going on now. No matter what release it and turn around and think of how you can reframe. Maybe look at the negative and see what it has taught you about your life and be thankful for whatever good came from it. Remember we are made up of everything that has lead us to today; good, bad or indifferent.

Lastly, a more appropriate card to wrap this up. Calendula/Pot Marigold. You Are Healed. The Healing you’ve prayed for is on its way.

Of course, it is. Once you release your anger and your fear, you can see things clearer and can find forgiveness. That forgiveness can be for you or for others but whomever it is for it will offer you a well deserve healing.

Best Advice this Weekend: Find Ways to simplify your life. Let go of things and people that are no longer needed in your realm.  Take some time and step out into nature. Unplug from the electronics and unwind and receive your messages. Release the toxic fear and anger and reframe. Lastly, take some time to heal and recharge. Remember you’re starting a new journey. Enjoy!

Enjoy your weekend!


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Weekly Tarot for April 16-22, 2017


Since Spring Cleaning has been haunting me this week, hubby suggested I do the weekly with the Housewives Tarot.  So, I took his input and well the cards felt right for the week.

Since we are starting the week off on Easter Sunday the first card kind of ties into the Weekend Oracle.


The Fool. Let’s go first with the Weekend Oracle. Time to let go and have a little fun and laugh a bit. Great fine and dandy, but if we look at the bigger picture. This version of the fool is about rushing into things and forgetting some of the important things you might need on your impending journey. So while it is good to have fun, one must remember to keep their wits about them. For the people who lose track of everything, my message to you is to make a list and check it twice. Make sure you have everything you need. Looking a little deeper her purse appears to be stuffed so stuffed that she can’t take anymore.  This is a message for the collectors of the world and I know there are many out there. Maybe you need to start reviewing what you really need and want in your life. Keep what’s important and let go of the rest.

For the people who lose track of everything, my message to you is to make a list and check it twice. Make sure you have everything you need. Looking a little deeper her purse appears to be stuffed so stuffed that she can’t take anymore.

This is a message for the collectors of the world and I know there are many out there. Maybe you need to start reviewing what you really need and want in your life. Keep what’s important and let go of the rest.


The Knight of Pentacles – Firstly, who cuts grass in a suit? Anyway, he seems to be pretty pleased with himself. I get the feeling that what this card is trying to tell us that by embracing who we are we will achieve what we need too. Which takes me back to the guy in the suit. Sure no one cuts grass dressed like this. A tuxedo after all is

Which takes me back to the guy in the suit. Sure no one cuts grass dressed like this. A tuxedo, after all, is for a special occasion. How many things do you have saved for a special occasion that you might never get to use? Maybe, we should start looking at every day, that we are alive as a special occasion, Find a way to celebrate life and be joyful.


The Emperor, hmm he appears to be all about the labels. When you think about giving something or more importantly someone a label, you put them in a place that they might not belong. The only label that needs to be stated is that we are human and that is the label that most of us forget. This week as we celebrate life, I would say try and find a way to remove the labels from your world. No one has to be your BFF, they could just be your friend. Sure you might be closer to them than most but it shouldn’t mean that you value any other friend, less.

There are many other labels a great place we are labeled is work and once we achieve that title, i.e. label, it becomes part of our identity. While it is great to get that recognition it is hard when for whatever reason they part of our identity goes away. So think about as you get older or you change jobs how that title is not your identity. It is only something that you do and not necessarily your soul.


The Four of Wands is telling us to take a break. Step away from any drama you might be dealing with. Know that it’s okay to take a little time for yourself. Hideout if you have to but know that a little me time and introspection is in order.

Resting on the Fool and the Kight of Pentacles, well as I said you’ve put in the work and reevaluated now a little rest and relaxation is in order.


The Chariot back to that journey. This time since you looked at things and gotten read of something that you didn’t need you are prepared and ready to go. Know that there is always a risk when you head out into the world but know there is also a great reward, even if you don’t see it right away.

Resting on the Knight of Pentacles and The Emperor, you are ready to look at things differently. You are ready to celebrate the risk you’ve taken and are willing to see people for who they truly are and not lump them in some generic way. Embrace this new freedom.


The Queen of Pentacles is about deconstructing norms further. It’s about changing up your role in your life. Break from the traditional and be willing to explore the opportunities that are presented. You’re in charge and well you’ve got this.


The Hierophant – This appears to be a test or is it? Can you see the patterns in your life which have led you to where you are? Can you see the people who are similar and your actions that remain the same? The Hierophant is telling us to look deep and be focused as we analyze the path that awaits.


The Magician – well he can make your life easier. Let’s be honest though you are the Magician and by taking the advice of the Hierophant you can see the patterns and know what changes you need to make. You have the skills and even more important is that now you also have the vision to make those changes. You got this. It’s time to start changing your life. You’re ready to start seeing things as they truly are. Just don’t do anything drastic until some of the retrogrades are over.

As always thanks for stopping by and giving me a read. I hope it resonated with you.

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Weekly Tarot for April 2-8, 2017


This week I will be reading with the Black Cat Tarot by Maria Kurara. I just got this deck but I love it. As most people who know me know I adore Black cats, all though currently, I don’t have one though I have two other lovely kitties.

Anyway, looking at the cards quickly it appears to be an interesting week ahead. Not really surprising as we are in Venus Retrograde for a little longer. Saturn is starting is retrograde on the sixth of April. For info on this go to the Astrology King here. My next post will take us into Mercury Retrograde on the ninth all though some of the things that are normally affected are already showing signs. Once again for more info check out the Astrology King link here. Now that we got most of the Astrology out of the way time to get to the cards.



The Lovers starts us off. I love this as it shows two divergent paths coming together for an intimate waltz. The choice is theirs to continue on their perspective journeys or to start a new journey together.

While the clouds may make your new path uncertain this week, know that there is a partnership that can help elevate you if you allow it. This partnership will take you to new heights and offer you new challenges. The Question you have to ask is are you ready for this new path and partnership? Remember this isn’t necessarily about love it could be a partnership with a shared passion.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is having us leave our comfort zone and take a look around and refocus on what we want and what we are doing. You coming to realize that you are limiting yourself by not exploring other avenues. Remember sometimes we have to look elsewhere for answers and directions.

seven of wands

The Seven of Wands is here to show us the scary side of things. The challenges that we may face and the knowledge to know that we can stand our ground.  Be smart. Be Strong but most of all be fearless as best you can and don’t let your anxiety get the best of you.

eight of cups

The Eight of Cups says that we are ready to head out and start that quest. While it may take us out of our comfort zone like the Queen did it is also allowing us to know that we don’t need much to take with us on our journey.

Resting on the Lovers and the Queen of Cups know that this is a time of change. You are refocusing on the task at hand and you have to make some moves to get things moving. If you continue to stay in your little box then you will miss opportunities that are waiting for you.

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is telling us to share what we have. As the Eight told us we don’t need much the three is telling us that we will find joy in connecting and being with others. If we can share our joy some will be overcome by the experience.

Resting on the Queen of Cups and the Seven of Wands remember this is part of you stepping out of your solitude. Don’t allow your fear or anxiety to keep you from your joy. While at first, you may resist going ultimately know that your happiness will be a great reward.

THe Chariot


With the Chariot in this deck, there is no doubt that there is action and movement. You are charging ahead and hanging on for dear life. However, when change is prevalent we take great strides into the future.

Best Course of Action: Get out of your comfort Zone. See what you can do to refocus your plans. Make the changes that are needed and take action.

As always I hope you enjoyed the reading and have a great week.


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© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from the Black Cats Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Black Cats Tarot, Maria Kurara.

New Moon Readings for March 27, 2017


Monday is the New Moon and it should be an interesting one, as it’s in the sign of Aires.  Keep in mind though we are also still in the midst of a Venus Retrograde.  Yet, there is even still more Astrology to this New Moon and for that, I will direct you over to the Astrology King site here.

This week I chose to read with The Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt. This deck just felt right for this reading. The great thing about this deck is that you are working with Crystals besides Tarot. Mixing the two can be quite beneficial. However, we’re sticking with just the Tarot as that is what you guys were looking for.

Four of Pentacles

The First card up is the Four of Pentacles, which is saying that we are starting to reap the rewards of our past efforts. Things that you’ve been working on are taking shape and you will continue to progress.However, just because there is progress don’t allow yourself to get off track.

Two of Wands.jpg

The Two fo Wands is telling us to take action now. As I said don’t get off track. The energy is forming to carry you along your path. There is energy here to offer positive change you just have to be willing to embrace it and do the work.

The Wheel of Fortune

I love this version of the Wheel of Fortune as it very much like the Death card it is telling us to rise above past hurts and fears. This is the time to change your Luck the only way to do that is by taking action. Change what you don’t like and make things happen. You have all the elements or the tools with you make it happen.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords may be telling you that the door is barred from a new beginning but we know this isn’t the case. While the transition may have us questioning some areas of our life know that we must do so in order to move forward.

Resting on the Four of Pentacles and the Two of Wands know that you have the potential for growth and the energy you need to stay motivated. You just can’t let your thoughts get in your head.

The Chariot.jpg

The Chariot is telling us to move forward. It is showing the progress that we’ve made and that we aren’t alone on this journey. While we are uncertain of the outcome of our journey we know that we must attempt to change our destiny. It is the only way.

Resting on the Two of Wands and the Wheel of Fortune, know that you are being pushed forward and you have what you need to complete this life transformation. It is just up to you to remain positive and focused.

Queen of Swords

As the Queen of Swords, we can sometimes be too harsh or judgmental. It is not that we want to it is just what we’ve learned to protect and sometimes even deflect pain. Take a step back and try to understand that judging others only hurts you. You can not change their world or their life. They have made choices just as you have and sometimes they weren’t even given a choice for their circumstance. So look at them with love, kindness, and graciousness. By doing so you will find much joy. On a side note don’t be too critical of yourself either, remember you are only human.

Resting on the Ten of Swords and the Chariot, know that this is part of what you need to let go of your path. This will help heal you as well as offer you a much more connected feeling to those around you.

Ace of Penacles

This Ace showed up in the last Full Moon reading except it was the first card. This is telling me that the change you’ve made through this period will be offering your more opportunities. You will be discovering that you work and ideas are starting to pay off and that things will be taking off in a much better direction. Just keep pushing through and you will achieve what you set out to do.

Best Course of Advice: Stay on target and start taking the time to look at things differently. Life is taking a turn and it is time to change your luck and move forward. Don’t get distracted you got this. You just have to keep moving forward.


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Weekly Tarot for March 19 – 25, 2017


First, let me say thanks to all who came out last weekend and made out event a huge success. We greatly appreciate all the support.

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Now that I got a little of the business out of the way, let’s get to the reading.

queen of swords

The Queen of Swords has us being a little more protected than normal. We have our eyes wide open and looking at the big picture. Who can we trust and who is truly there to support us? It isn’t that we’re looking for a fight it is that we are trying to weed out those who might want to harm and it doesn’t have to be in a physical sense.

I’d say if there is someone that you just get an uncomfortable feeling there more likely is something more there. So pay attention and be cautious.


Justice can offer us so many things. The is providing us much illumination in our life right now. Our intuition is on high. This has a lot to do with Venus in Retrograde which will last until April 15, 2017. We are looking at our life in a much different way. We are able to look at the past and see things in a clearer light. Things and people are reappearing and it is now time to think about if they are truly someone you want in your life.

Another key component in all of this is the fact that during this time we need to stay balanced. Give and take needs to be equal are you prepared to do the work that is required?


So we have the need to be protective and then we have a need for balance and now Death. I think it is pretty obvious we need to reexamine things and cut out what we don’t need. This is a time of rebirth and rebuilding our life and world. Fear not change is ultimately good as we will learn from the past if we did the work.

six of pen

The Six of Pentacles tells us that we have money and that we are at the top of our game. We feel the need to celebrate that we’ve made it this far on our journey. While you may feel there is a celebration in order understand that this is only a rest break there is still so much more to do.

Resting on top of the Queen and Justice, I would say find balance and keep your success to yourself. You don’t need someone getting in your head and undermining you no matter what their intentions are. Also, a balance will be key as with some success there is still a need to stay grounded and move forward.

four of wands

The Four of Pentacles tells us to stay on our toes. We are on the road to success and we are energized. We just have to remember the lessons we’ve learned and how we have transformed ourselves and our world. We must keep our eyes on the prize and be willing to fly when we have too.

Resting on Justice and Death this is telling us to use our instincts. If something doesn’t feel right take an alternate path. Remember sometimes we have to rise from our defeats and rebuild to claim our success.

two of cups

I could have stopped the reading with The Two fo Cups but I felt there was a bigger message here. While we might want the great love where we are equal I think the cards are speaking to us more about the integration of our own self-love. This isn’t about ego but it is about us treating ourselves the way we treat others and expected to be treated.


To pull these two right after the Two of Cups spoke volumes to me. It tells me that we have to embrace both our Masculine sides as well as our Feminine sides. Something that some os us wish not to show. i.e.: The man who doesn’t want to cry in front of someone or the woman who doesn’t want to show that she can tinker with a car too. We are changing as a society and maybe it is time to embrace and blend our roles. There is no need to have a dividing line as to what a male or female can do we are equal after all.


Judgment is the final card and it is telling us to break free of our bonds, whether it’s the bonds of the past, money, of even gender stereotypes. We need to release those things and experience and live life in a different way.

Best Advice for the Week: Be cautious. Trust your intuition and find balance. This is a time for renewal so be prepared to go through and find a way to free yourself. Learn to Love yourself and integrate the many facets of yourself for this will lead you to freedom.

I hope this information helps you with your week ahead.

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Have a wonderful week,


© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from my Cosmic Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Cosmic Tarot, Norbet Losche.