Weekend Oracle for July 14, – 16, 2017


The weekend is here and there is a lot to take in. Just know that you need to break down a wall or two. Check out the post and look below for the other post that I reference.





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Weekly Tarot for July 10, – 16, 2017


This week’s reading features the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong. Looking at the week ahead it is one that is going to be fairly busy and that’s okay as it’ll make time go by quicker.

The First card this week is the Three of Wands,  ideas are all around us. If we listen closely we can hear them clearly. This week you need to listen to your inner voice, intuition as well as others. What you are actually doing is seeking what inspires you. It could be a small idea you overhear at a restaurant that could lead to a big breakthrough with something that you’ve been struggling with. It could be that final piece of needed inspiration at just the right time.

Three of Pentacles, is telling us to get to work. Put in the effort this is a time to make things happen. As you push forward you will discover how much simpiler things are coming together. So even though it may be hard work to some this is your passion you’re creating. This makes you push and thrive.

The High Priestess, Says be open even to the darkness that lurks inside. You’re guides are there to help protect but sometimes we must not deny what our intuition says. When we look at the Shadow of ourselves we can see what we must work on. We can know how to intuitivley make those changes for ourselves and by ourselves. Allow the divine femine to help heal you.

Ten of Wands- Reversed, This week when you find yourself in a place where doubt calls home understand that you are the one that is creating this. You’re the one blocking the path. There are times when we are working on something that we have to allow others to help. You have to learn to trust yourself, your instincts and sometimes even others.

Sitting on top of the Three of Wands and the Three of Pentacles you have to realize that you can’t block yourself and expect to create. When we are blocked we have used all of our energy fighting positive change. Find a away to embrace the new and to let go of the block. Healing is a huge part of letting go and moving forward.

Knight of Pentacles – Be proud of yourself but remain humble. When we come to terms with who we are we truly need to own our success but also our loses. Sure we can catch a lucky break now and then but ultimatley we control our fate. Also though know that you can still where your armour but let others in. Not everyone needs to know your story and the ones that do, well you will run the risk and let down your sheild.

Wheel of Fortune – Reversed, The time is now for us to take action with the Wheel.  Instead of spinning the wheel and letting it see where the chips fall, we actually have the opportunity to create our own fortune. You just have to be willing to take that risk and create and craft your path and direction.

Finally we have the Four of Pentacles, Abundance can be had if you allow it. As I said in the past card you control your fate. Br prepared to create what you want and what you desire. Be open!

Advise this week. Create and be open. Don’t block yourself from seeing the truths you’d rather not. There is a reason they are being presented. Embrace and change what you can. Protect yourself but participate. Life is a grand adventure but you have to participate to make the most of it.

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Eight of Cups – International Tarot Day 2017

Hi and welcome to Readings by Dauna’s celebration of the Eight of Cups. This is a card that has never called to me, I was always a Seven of Cups kind of girl. That being said after doing this project I have a better appreciation for this card. I will say Jennifer did an excellent job with the Seven of Cups. (Want another look click here. )

The deck, I normally read with is the Cosmic Tarot and that card always has me feeling that the guy is looking at all that he has lost and not what he still has.


However, the more traditional meaning is more about walking away from the situation. 20170706_230204

There are many decks that reflect this image.


Moving is a nice way to put abondoning something. However, as we explored with the review of Temperance that not every creator feels the need to share the same message.

It can be something as simple as Eight Chalices standing tall.

Oa an image of showing of us breaking free from the past or things that have been holding us back. THat we are finally willing to break free and strive forward to a Dream.

Yet those same cups can be the illusive barrier that keeps us in place.

Some turn the Cups into hearts,


Some show life while others show death.

Some shows a creative jugling act while another shows that the Eight of Cups relates to Neptune and Pisces.

Fire Agate is it’s stone of Choice and Gravel Root is it’s Herb.

Yet others such as Dali offers us just the pure Art and a slight take on the traditional.Dalicup

While others like Maggie Stiefvater in her Illumiating the Prophcy deck let’s us wonder about her interpertation.


Traditional or not, Tarot is not merely a game or a divination tool. Tarot has become an art form all into itself and that is why I am happy that I’ve gotten to Celebrate Tarot on this International Day of Tarot.



I hope you hop on over to Robbie Plumb for his take on the Nine of Cups. Since the 9 of Cups tells the story of wish fulfillment, contentment, and enjoying our successes. It’s only appropriate that in his post you’ll discover his post about helping others build “success momentum” by creating their own autobiography of accomplishments.  Click here to head on over.

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14 – Temperance International Tarot Day 2017

Hopefully, you got here via Nikki’s wonderful post about the Death card, if you missed it click here.

My first card that I will be sharing is Temperance. I’ve created a lovely little video with several of my decks. I hope you enjoy it and after you’re through please check out Kimberly’s take on the Devil which you can find here.

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Full Moon for July 9, 2017

Hi Gang, I did another video as I’m still working on a couple of things. So this is just a quick note about the Astrology of the Moon.  Astrology King has stated that this Full Moon has the potential to make people act a little out of control and the cards are supporting this. Click here to check out the Astrology.

I hope you enjoy the video.  Thanks as always for your support.