Card for the Day: Two of Swords

I’m doing something a little different. So much to say, yet the words aren’t coming out, except in a jumbled mess. I shuffled and drew a card  The Two of swords.

Here is what I’m getting from it today. A time to sit and reflect. Listen to your inner voice. You can stick your toe in but it isn’t quite the time for action. Relax and enjoy the journey. Change, growth and unity are coming.

My card is from the Cosmic Tarot Deck. Please keep in mind that each deck will offer a different meaning for each card. Have a good day.

© 2015 copyright D.M. Needom and Readings By Dauna all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from my Cosmic Tarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Cosmic Tarot, Norbet Losche.


Why Do We Write?

Why do we write? A simple question but one that has many answers.

I guess the first reason would be to express our thoughts and views. To be able to lay your thoughts on paper. It can be very freeing and empowering. So, that is a great reason to write.

Communication: This is another facet as well but this ties in with a big reason why most people write and that is to engage others. As a writer you hope, you can share a story whether it be fact or fiction and get a reaction. You want your reader to feel to have the characters stay with them for days. You get a warm fuzzy knowing you may have made someone feel something or helped them learn something.

The thing I’ve noticed whether it be a blog or a friend who is a published Author, we are all seeking feedback. We want to know that the words we put to paper did hold some meaning. Did we create the story or the characters just right? But the writer will never know if they log into their blog or check their Amazon page and there is nothing.

A writer is an entertainer in most case. For me when I write a fictional story, I’m living in the moment just like a truly gifted actor does. I feel what my character feel. I think like they do. Imagine getting up on a Broadway Stage and you pour your heart and soul out for this one role. It’s a role of a lifetime, yet as the curtain closes and reopens there is nothing. Not one single clap. It would be as if you were still doing rehearsals on opening night. It would be heartbreaking.

I know this is a new blog.  I’m not seeking accolades. This is more in general, that people who run the risk of laying themselves bare on the pages of a blog or a book wouldn’t mind a little feedback. We all have intentions of doing it and something comes up. Just remember if you read something and it inspires you or touches you emotionally than know that the person who wrote it has shared that with you and they might appreciate your feedback or a review.

© 2015 copyright D.M. Needom all rights reserved.

A New Start

The first entry of a new blog. I had a blog, which for some reason I stopped back in 2011. (It can be found here: It’s eighty-four posts about life and our world. Some things have changed a lot in four years and others not so much.

Maybe it is the forthcoming full moon or the lunar eclipse but change is in the air. This I can feel deep inside. Besides this new blog, I’m find myself embracing drastic changes so I am able to make progress in my life.  It’s a challenge that I am hoping to accept gratefully. So if you choose to come along on this journey of change please by all means let me know your thoughts or your insights. If you’ve had a similar experience or a totally different one. Feel free to share.

Off to my Acupuncture appointment. Something new that I am embracing for my health.

© 2015 copyright D.M. Needom all rights reserved.