Full Moon Report for August 7, 2017



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New Moon for July 23, 2017

20170720_215837So the New Moon is in Leo this week for more astrological info go to  Astrology King.

For the reading well Here you go.


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Weekly Tarot for June 4, -10, 2017


This week we have a Full Moon on the 9th which I will cover later this week. I know I used the Housewives Tarot last week and well it called again to me tonight. Nothing wrong with that as they can be a fun little deck to work with.  So let’s dig in and see what message they are offering.


Ten of Cups – Let’s live it up a bit. You’re ready to show the world what you have to offer. Even if things are going perfectly this isn’t the time you will let others see that they aren’t. You will be putting on your best face and allowing them to see your best efforts.

This is also speaking of you having the mastery to take any situation no matter how negative it might be and turn it into a positive. After all one should always look on the bright side.


Two of Cups – Connect or reconnect. This is about the people that are your tribe the ones that have your back. Understand that this is a time where mutual admiration can be shared. You are equal and dare I say things are as close to perfect as they can get. You will step into a positive frame of mind as you embrace those in your life.


The Moon – Sweet Dreams and perfect sleep sometimes are just a mere illusion. However, sometimes in our dream state, we can experience the answers and resolutions we’ve been seeking. Be prepared to have an Epiphany or two this week as you sleep and wake with the answers that you’ve longed for.


Page of Wands – Think back to being a kid and how easy it was to create the world or any other fantasy you wanted. Tap into that memory and to your dreams. Your creativity will be on high this week. Allow those ideas to come. Write them down and pull them out when you get stuck.

Resting on the Ten of Cups and the Two of Cups put your best ideas out there. Tap into the past as well as your future vision. Create something that is both nostalgic and futuristic. Understand that somewhere in your current mind frame you will form an idea that will allow you to show off not only your skills but also your talent.


Six of Swords – This week we can start letting our anxiety and worry go. What we fear is not happening and it is time for us to not live in it. Even if things aren’t perfect we’ve learned that we can turn things around and make the best of it.

Resting on the Two of Cups and The Moon – Partnership and our answers will help us navigate the obstacles that have caused us to fear certain things. By asking for help and using fresh ideas and approaches we will soon discover that we can move forward.


The High Priestess – She certainly can be a saucy wench but your focus this week is on your intuition and keeping secrets. Sometimes as we come into our intuition we don’t want to share just in case we’re wrong. That’s natural but there is a little more to it. Sometimes when we get something we’re hoping for a different outcome. So this week when you get something, write it down with the time and the date.  This will be your confirmation and if you’re right awesome and if you’re not don’t despair. There may very well be truth in the information you received just not as blatant as you may have initially thought. Sometimes messages need to be decoded or have some time pass.


Best Advice this Week: Put your best foot forward and connect or reconnect with your tribe. Pay attention to your dreams and creative ideas and find a way to step away from your fears. Lastly, listen to your intuition as it is on high. Write it all down as you will need to dissect it later.

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October 1, 2016 Tarot Card​ of the Day The World


This is an interesting take on the World, especially after the New Moon reading. This feels that you are taking stock of what you have and putting together what is required for your new World. This is the perfect card for manifesting, putting all the elements together and creating. Between the New moon and this, I’d say you’re own your way to make a wonderfully grand creation.

© 2016 copyright D.M. Needom, Dauna@ReadingsbyDauna.com and ReadingsbyDauna@aol.com http://www.ReadingsbyDuana.comall rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from The Housewives Tarot. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Paul Kepple and Judy Buffman

New Moon Reading for September 30, 2016



Today, the Housewives Tarot was calling to me, maybe it had something to do with all the cleaning I was doing this weekend. No matter, I listened and decided that the deck had a story for us for this New Moon. This new moon is in my fave sign, Libra which is a sign that is known to be about balance. Looking at the cards in front of me that seems to be in play here. So let’s get started.


Strength, this card was popular for most of September. So not surprising that we are ending this month with it as well.  Now using this deck it gives it a whole new feel. Scouring pads were always known for cleaning up the toughest things back in the day.

This is telling us to clean up our toughest messes. This could be anything from your house to your finances or just you overall. Get to the root of whatever issue is plaguing you and come up with a solution. It’s time to Clean It Up!


What the Nine of Wands telling us is to reach new heights. Nine is usually the completion of a task of a journey and to begin again. What I see in this card is moving on to new heights. Making changes and striving for bigger and better goals. Others will be cheering you on and some will even offer you a boost up.

So don’t be shy put yourself out there.



The Six of Pentacles is a tempting little Devil. Seriously, though, beware of the temptation. You have your eyes on the long-term goals and a quick path will not get you any closer even though you might feel differently. What you will need will be provided. Remember don’t take more than you need there are others waiting their turn.

Take only what you need at this time, more will come later.


The Queen of Cups, hmm there is just something in the way she is looking at you. While she is serving you a drink, she is silently sitting in judgment or is that she’s tuned you out completely because she is working on her own plans.

What she is saying is that you are your own worse critic but you still continue to make and create a path. Sometimes you need to engage on a different level and release whatever is going on in your mind. Write your ideas out and don’t judge them until you’ve carefully reviewed them with an open mind to all the possibilities. Then and only then will you see where you can truly go.

With this resting on the Strength card and the Nine of Wands, this shows the battle is in your head. Write your ideas out and don’t judge them until you’ve carefully reviewed them with an open mind to all the possibilities. What you might think is too lofty of a goal might be very attainable you just have to try and not judge. Then and only then will you see how far you can go.



The Five of Swords feels that it’s about creating new patterns in your life. You’re beginning to look at life differently and see that there is an interconnectedness. However, this is also about crafting who you are and who you are becoming. Details, details, details the littlest one’s matter. So be prepared to create from the heart. By doing so you will create something you love and not something you’re uncomfortable with.

Resting on the Nine of Wands and the Six of Pentacles this talks about seeing the thread running through climbing to new heights while still remaining you. Creating a new you doesn’t mean you get rid of everyone and everything that is important. This is more about creating someone that you love. Someone you can look at in the mirror and love unconditionally. Someone that is willing to help others when they can. Remember Greed and Ego are not required.



Now we arrive at the Ace, yes it denotes a new beginning in money but there is more.  When you look at the cards you see we’ve been on a journey. A journey that we had to scrub and put some elbow grease into to get to where we want to be. We had to recreate our image and our thought patterns. We had to love ourselves at our core and own who we are. But look how that plate shines. winky_face We were willing to put in the work to get the results we wanted.

The placement resting on the Queen of Cups and the Five of Swords is telling us to have faith. We are getting that new beginning we wanted as we’ve worked through some of those nagging issues. Embrace them and get passed them.

So I could’ve stopped the reading there but I thought one more card was worth a pick.



The Queen of Pentacles. This reminds me of a conversation I was having the other day with a friend and she said the energy felt like it was unnesting time. This card is definitely playing to those themes. All traditions are changed. She is going off to make the money and he is staying home taking care of the family, a rarity for the time the cards are depicting.

To end this reading with this card says a lot about this journey. It confirms what the Ace has told us, that we are ready to step into a new role and go on a new journey. You are more prepared than you realize. So believe in yourself and step out into the world.

Best Advice: Take a good look at your world around you. Do you need to do any cleaning be it in the physical realm or emotional? Get to work, figure out the changes you need and do it. The cards are saying this is the time for the new and improved you. Embrace you and get out of your head and your own way.

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