Weekend Oracle for July 21, – 23, 2017



Weekend Oracle for July 14, – 16, 2017


The weekend is here and there is a lot to take in. Just know that you need to break down a wall or two. Check out the post and look below for the other post that I reference.





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Weekend Oracle June 9 – 11, 2017


This has been a busy week. I actually thought about skipping the Weekend Oracle as the Full Moon is definitely going to be strong this week. However, I felt that some might still appreciate a little Oracle reading to help them make it through.  So let’s see what the lovely Wisdom of the House of Night has to offer.

First up, we have The Fledgling – Very fitting since we are in a transformative Moon phase. This is speaking to us of for a lack of a better way to put it our growing pains. As we make changes things may become awkward at times and that is okay it is all part of learning how to respond differently.

Next up we have Confidence – Simple enough and very fitting. As we become more comfortable with who we are we will grow more confident with ourselves and our new self. Now for some, this may be a physical transformation for others it is just about becoming comfortable with who you are. However, this plays for you own it, just don’t get too cocky.

Lastly, we have Honesty – This is a huge step in transforming not only ourselves but our relationships as well. Sure it is easy enough to run from the things that we don’t like but you have to realize that you may leave what you don’t want to deal with only to find it in another guise. So face whatever truths you need to face because, in the long run, you will be glad you did.

Best Advice – Embrace your growing pain and learn the news things that are required. Show your confidence and live there. Honesty with ourselves and others is important so always try to be gentle but truthful.

I hope you embrace the Full Moon Energy this weekend and allow the transformation to begin. Realize that anything is possible if you allow it to come.

Two quick announcements. First, this will be the last Weekend Written Blog. The Weekend Oracle is moving over to YouTube next week with the Daily readings.


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Happy Weekend,



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Weekend Oracle June 2 – 4, 2017



This is going to be a quick reading this weekend. No long details as it is time for me to take some time in nature today and plant.

The Weekend isn’t offering us any great mystery to solve. In fact, it is telling us that if we are feeling a bit fuzzy or out of sorts we must be patient. I know easier said than done but trust me it is required.

While remaining patient, reflect over your journey thus far. Have you been able to do all that you’ve need to do? Are you where you want to be? If not, what is holding you back?

Lastly, with this card appearing, I’d say it might be time to talk to someone. Come up with a plan and focus on the needed direction of what you wish to pursue. Sometimes, just talking to someone that can give you insight or a new direction and with that, you are rewarded with clarity.

Have a great Weekend. Remember on June 24, 2017, I’ll be at Mixin’ Mingle doing readings for more info go to Readingsbydauna.com or Recharge: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Have a great weekend!


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Weekend Oracle 5/26 -28/2017


Tonight is the New Moon and I hope you remembered to set your intentions. This New Moon was a Super and very well could be an energy zapper which explains the first card for the weekend reading.

Time for a Nap – It’s been a long week and well this weekend for some it is a very long weekend. So if you can get a little extra rest and try to relax.

The Tribe – Makes sense once again we have a Holiday weekend. There will be a lot of grilling and hanging out with friends and or family. After all, they are your tribe. Now, to be clear your tribe doesn’t have to be family but it can be friends. Your tribe is the people who understand you and get you. They know who you truly are and love you for it. So this weekend find, a little time to hang with the people that are your tribe.

Round and Round – what exactly does this mean and why have I pulled another card for clarification? Round and round is about you. Your habits and patterns, some of these you may not know but may soon be pointed out.  There are others that you would love to break you just haven’t realized how too.

That’s where our clarification card comes in. The Thinker. It’s time to get creative and figure out what you want to change and come up with a plan to make it happen. By looking at things through a much broader scope and allowing your mind to rethink things you may very well allow change to enter the picture.

Best Advice: This weekend I would take it easy get some extra rest so you will be ready for your tribal meeting. While you are there pay attention to how you interact. Are there things you don’t like? Feelings that you aren’t honest about. Chances are if you open up there will be someone that will be willing to help guide you to a better place.

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Have a great Holiday Weekend and stay safe.


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Weekend Oracle 5/19 – 21/2017


This weekend you might think I went a little overboard but the cards felt they had a very important message. One that feels as if there is a gift if you can stay the course.


First up we have Milk and Honey.  There is some trust involved in this. We need to feel and trust that our needs will be met. This a time where we can step back from our worry and fear and enjoy.


Next, we have Deep Knowing. This is important and fits with the prior card as we need to trust our knowing and have faith. Deep Knowing is something that resonates at our core and in our soul. This is the thing that tells us we are on the right path.


When we add Breathe into the mix, well it is only natural for us to start to wonder if we deserve the good things that we have in our life. Are we worthy? When this occurs we need to take a step back and breathe, regroup and recenter.


Come to the Edge, hmm, what exactly could that mean. Most of us like to be as far away from the risky edge as possible but this is telling us that we need to trust and let go of our fear. Look at the possibilities and see what matches what you’re knowing is telling you. When I’m speaking of letting go of your fear, I’m talking about the fear that is like a pair of cement shoes that keep you stuck. As a friend once told me; “There are no memories without the risk.” It is a true statement indeed.

Resting on Milk and Honey and Deep Knowing, I would say check your fear against your knowing. Create what you need to so you can bring forth a reality you desire.


Blessed is offering and telling us that something we aren’t expecting is coming our way. We have been blessed by Spirit and will soon find things happening that will bring us joy and happiness.

Resting on Deep Knowing and Breathe this is to remind you that you’re intuition is a gift that you have to trust and believe. If you are in doubt then step back and just breathe.


Lastly, we have Truth Be Told, this is an interesting card as some may say that all of the above was just an illusion that you may have created to make you feel better. What if though, this is just merely about you speaking your truth and owning who you are for a change. Not living by others expectations. Empowering yourself and your ideas.


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I hope you have a wonderful Weekend. Thanks for stopping by and giving a read.

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Weekend Oracle for May 12-14, 2017


Well, this weekend it appears to be pretty straight forward in the cards. It’s all about Creativity and Manifesting.

First, we have Imagine. When we Imagine we Create. We Manifest. So, this weekend spend a little time doing just that. Manifest your world. Begin to see the life you want to have. You might not get all the details and that is okay but start creating what you need and want. Also, it’s the perfect time to work on a project you’ve been putting off.

Second, we haveSoul Mates. This is a person who can help you with your creation. They are one of like mind and one that you can feel a connection to very easily. This person gets you and it doesn’t have to be on a romantic level. This is someone that understands your creativity.

Lastly, we have Co-Create. Very fitting with the last card. Now is the time to collaborate. Share your thoughts with the person who understands you better than anyone else. While the Full Moon said be careful who you share your ideas with for they might find them to grand. This is saying you have the perfect person to bring your vision to life. So embrace and create.

The weekend looks good overall. Best Advice, see your vision, you’reconnect with someone who shares your passion then get to it and create. Like I said pretty straight forward.

Like I said pretty straight forward.

Thanks for reading.


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© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and ReadingsbyDauna@aol.com all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards by Colette Baron-Reid