New Moon Reading for June 23, 2017


The New Moon is here again in Chicago it will happen 9:30 pm on June at 2° Cancer. It’s being listed as a Super Moon. The next Super will be in December of this year and it just means it’s closer to the Earth. For the Astrology of the New Moon, I’ll link you to the Astrology King site.

The Crystals I used today are Citrine a great stone for manifesting and Amethyst for its healing and spiritual properties.  This is a great time working on continuing to heal as well as manifesting what you want in your life. If you would like more info on either the Citrine, go here or the Amethyst go here. I have referred you to the Howl at the Moon site, the owner is very knowledgeable about crystals and is a great resource not to mention reasonably priced.

So now that we’ve gone through the Astrology and the Crystals let’s take a look at the cards. For this New Moon, I chose the Legend: The Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson and the Wisdom of the House of the Night Oracle by P.C. Cast and Colette Baron-Reid. Let’s take a deeper look at what the cards are showing us.


We’re not starting off on the best foot with the Nine of Spears – Wind Harps of War. Sure this could be personal and we need to be prepared for the worst and get things in order. However, with all that has been happening on the World stage, heck for that matter even possible closer to home be prepared. I just read a headline that a customer was upset that his Latte was wrong and when another customer interviewed well the upset customer started stabbing the other one. So my warning is that people are angry and volatile currently so be prepared. Hopefully the only effects this will have in your sphere of the world will be what you see in the news. Remember though be prepared.


Eight of Cups – Chapel Perilous: Well right off the bat we see that our path is blocked. We must find another way. This could be related to our Nine of Spears. That warning of being prepared. However, as ominous as this card looks we can use this to our advantage. Instead of rushing into a path that could do us harm we are breaking free from a potential hazard. This is the time for us to take control of our lives to understand that we are in control. We might discover that what we thought was wanted was not what we wanted or needed at all and this is a much better path to be on.


The Fool – Percivale: No big surprise with the Eight of Cups just told us we’re on a new path. The darkness that we might have been feeling is now lifting. We see hope for the future and the potential for a better outcome. Embrace this and work off of this energy. This fits perfectly with the New Moon energy. If you are planning on starting a new business venture this is the time to start making it happen. Just make sure you’ve got everything in place.


Page of Spears – The Hare Reversed: There is someone lurking about in your group that can’t be trusted. If you’re making plans make sure you don’t share until you are certain and the plans are finished. Even if they are not out to harm you they have been known to be a gossip.

Resting on the Nine of Spears and the Eight of Cups: trust your instincts when someone is around that you’re just not sure about. While you may see the possibility they will only share failure and darkness trying to dissuade you from your goal.



Death – Gwyn AB Nudd & The Wild Hunt Reversed: The Death card never frightens me because it brings about to change, however, with it being reversed this is about us sticking with the past. We’re being resistant to change. Maybe it’s because we like our old habits and patterns just fine and we can’t see a way to shake them but the truth is we must.

The placement of this card isn’t joking around. We have the Eight of Cups and The Fool that we’re resting on. Your path to the past is blocked and you must move on. The Fool is telling you to get with the program and step away from what was holding you back. So what could be holding us back? There is the Page of Spears Reversed, if he/she had been upright, they would have been our champion but instead, they are someone that can be toxic to us. Someone that you will need to tell to get with the program or you’re going to do your own thing.


Five of Cups – Lancelot & Elaine: So sometimes when we put our foot down and don’t give into the whims of another we might find that we are suddenly alone. The person wasn’t willing to hear what we were saying no matter if it was for their own good. No matter what saddens we might feel, we must understand that we all have free will. There are times when they must follow their own path

As we seek more clarity of this we are greeted with Page of Spears Reversed and Death,  there is no great mystery that the past is looming and a person who we thought was a friend isn’t. Grieve for what you might have lost but understand if they are truly supposed to be in your life they will and it will be without you compromising yourself.


Ten of Shields – Camelot: Everyone wants Camelot and it looks divine but to have arrived we had to go through the tribulations that we have. Be thankful you made it and as you look around you might soon discover that what was lost has been returned. Celebrate your success and your arrival. Home and family will offer much more comfort and peace. Embrace it and know what is important.


The Sun – Lleu: A card of joy one that offers us a celebration of our accomplishments. There is no denying that we’ve made it past our strife as the Ten of Shields and this both dictate success. So since you found your bliss share it with the world and let them share in your joy.


Eight of Shields – Wayland: Okay, so you had your celebration now it’s time to get to work. For some, this is the new Business or job opportunity and for others, it is as simple as learning something that you’ve longed too. So take this time and get on task. You are using talents that you knew you had as well as some that you weren’t aware that you had. You’re on your way to finding your passion, enjoy the discovery and all the newness in your life.

Now on to the Oracle Portion. The Oracle cards are a little bit of a guide on what you should do to achieve your intentions during this cycle.


Movement : Movement will usher in the change that we know is coming. Movement allows us to free ourselves from the restrictions that we’ve placed on ourselves and others. Now is the time to proceed, just make sure to be cautious.


Chaos – Once again this shouldn’t be a shocker. As theTarot showed us there is a mischief maker in our midst and we need to be prepared for the upheaval they will try to toss our way. Know that even though things may feel like they are spinning out of control this is only a way of shaking out the old and making free for the new.


Meditation – Pretty self-explanatory especially after the chaos you’ve been feeling as of late. Take time for yourself and seek the clarity you need. Develop a plan in your meditation practice that will help you in the areas where you need clarity and answers. As you meditate focus on those points and try to calm the monkey mind. As you go deeper you can ask the question in your mind that you’re seeking the answers too. Listen to your intuition for the right course of action.


High Priestess of Air – Love the beauty of this card, but what is she saying. She’s telling us to be logical in our choices. While we have a great imagination and it can serve us well we need to use our logic and be reasonable. This is the time to make calculated decisions and choices. This fits in with your passion and your work. Be logical, what talents can serve you and inspire you. Be logical and not rash and you will discover a whole new path.

Best Advice – There are times during this cycle that you may feel as if you are on a plane that is going down, nose first but don’t fret. This is change rushing in to force you to make the logical choice. Understand that sometimes you must let people, behaviors, and things go. Know that some things maybe lasting but others are just temporary until you are firmly on the path you’re supposed to be on. So hang in there, remember that even though there are some rough times there is some cause for celebration before you get down to the hard work.

This Saturday, June 24, 2017, I will be doing readings at Mixin’ Mingle in McHenry Illinois.  I’d love to see you out there either for a reading or just to stop by and say Hi. For more information about the event, you can click on the link below.


Also, don’t forget over the Daily Tarot and Oracle can be found over at my website under a Daily Dose. Click the pic and it will take you there.

Well, I hope you have a great New Moon and thanks as always for stopping by.

Happy New Moon!


© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image. Image from the Legend: The Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson and the Wisdom of the House of the Night Oracle by P.C. Cast and Colette Baron-Reid. I use the decks but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the decks goes to the creators of the Legend: The Arthurian Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson and the Wisdom of the House of the Night Oracle by P.C. Cast and Colette Baron-Reid.


New Moon – Solar Eclipse Reading for 2/26/17



Here we are with a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in the ninth degree of Pisces.  The Eclipse will happen at 9:58 am make a wish. Below I will post a link to give you a little more on the astrology of it for those who want to know. Because this New Moon comes with an Eclipse this reading will offer some themes that will play out throughout the year. Take note and keep your eyes open. This is a time of transformation and transition.

Below I will post a link to give you a little more on the astrology of it for those who want to know. Because this New Moon comes with an Eclipse this reading will offer some themes that will play out throughout the year. Take note and keep your eyes open. This is a time of transformation and transition.

Today, I’m using my Revelations deck by Zach Wong. The deck is a very unique deck as it allows for reversals more easily than others. The colors and images work to offer a vibrant deck. It is one of my fave decks and I enjoy sharing it with you.


The Queen of Wands reversed is telling us to be crafty. You may feel that you are master of your domain and it is time to shake things up. Hmm, but how do you do it. This is the time to release the old things that are holding you back. Those attachments are no longer serving you and it is time to let go of them. There are new things coming and they are others that are watching you and see you potential they will help you in the next phase of your journey.

Four of Swordsreversed.jpg

The Four of Swords Reversed is telling us that it will not be easy to move forward. You may become a little battered and maybe even worn down but ultimately the change will be worth it.  Know that on this journey you may need to stop and take a rest and that’s okay. Be gentle on yourself and forgive. Even if you felt you’ve done nothing wrong forgiveness is always good for your heart and soul.

THe Hanged Man Reverse

The Hanged Man Reversed is telling us that sometimes we need clear illumination to move forward. We need to look at the situation honestly and see the truth. We are truly in an age of transformation. There are many things coming and going. If we meditate briefly on the choice that lies ahead we might find what fits and what doesn’t in our lives before we step in a direction we shouldn’t go.

The Sun

The Sun is showing us our success and the joy that comes with it. We are creating our reality and our world. We are looking at ways to make things come together and happen. This is a time when we must celebrate and strive forward on our path. We are doing it we are putting the Queen’s crafty plans to good use and doing enough to keep us succeeding without totally compromising ourselves.  Know that we may have to a battle a few to get to where we want to be but we will survive.


The Four of Wands Reversed is telling us that we will have to push our way to go further. That’s okay, great growth takes hard work and positive energy. Trust your ideas and know which ones are going to help you break through to your next big idea or project. There is no time left for the status quo.

THe Devil Reversed

Put your dukes up this Devil who is reversed is ready for a fight. When we talk about making changes he is to be expected. It is so easy to make changes and then slip right back into old patterns. Know it is okay to have a momentary lapse but don’t let that moment become days, weeks, months or worse yet years. We are given a short time here don’t give in to temptation. This is your time to shine and break free.

Six of Pentacles

Lastly, we have the Six of Pentacles. You have enough and you are willing to share. This is a time in our world where we need to come together and share the extra’s that we have. Those who are in need of what we have, be it our time or our resources. This is a gift to them and really a gift to us as well. When we share, whether it’s just a conversation or something else, we share in a transfer of energy and in some cases in joy and others helping someone cope. While it isn’t always pretty know that there is someone that needs you in some way and they will help you as much as you can help them. Just remember to appreciate the people in your life and what you have.

Resting on the Devil, well understand there will be the temptation for people that don’t have the best intentions to come in as well. People that we meet that we feel connected to right off the bat. For some, it is because they are part of our soul group for others they are a reflection of the abusive people from our past. Remember and know the difference. This is where the Hangman will allow you to see the truth before you get too involved with this person.

Best Advice for this Cycle: Be Crafty and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you need to go within and retreat that’s okay. Allow a moment to reflect on your new ideas before acting on them. Bask in your success but don’t stop. Keep going to get where you want to be. Know that the Devil may come to fight but you are prepared to beat those old patterns and share what you have.

I hope this gives you a little direction as we embark on this Eclipse Cycle. Many Blessings to you on your journey.


P.S. As promised here is some reading regarding the how the Solar Eclipse affects us, I direct you to the Aquarius Papers. Click the here to read a fascinating article about how it can and will affect out life. There is also some fascinating info about the astrology of this solar eclipse in the sidebar.

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© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image from the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong

Weekly Tarot for January 8 -14, 2016



Hooray, hooray Mercury goes Direct today. Hopefully, now, my electronic devices will not be so off.  So what does this week hold in store for you, laying out the cards it seems like it will be an interesting week of self-discovery. Time to get down to work and fulfill those long hoped for dreams.




The Knight of Swords starts us off. What I find amusing is that there isn’t a sword on this card. However, a Hawk, their talons, and beak certainly could cut you like a knife. There is more to the Hawk, though. Many times in my travel  I will spot a Hawk in a tree or on a power line. True and rare beauty is when you are lucky enough to see one in flight.So what does this have to do with this reading? Think about the Hawk sitting high on the powerline or a billboard taking in all that is around him. He is looking at the big picture. He uses his vision to seize the opportunities that are being presented to him. Sometimes he has to get creative to accomplish his task. So taking those things and apply them to your daily life. Look at the big picture are there opportunities that will help you do you need to get more creative? If not it is certainly time to do so.

The Tower

The Tower is only reinforcing what I wrote above. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and break things up. We are in a great time of transition and you need to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. By clearing out the old stuff or habits you are making way for the new and good things to come to you.


The Five of Swords is telling us to take back our power. We can take control and make plans we don’t have to live in fear. Sure things aren’t set in stone but unless you change your attitude things will not change. So, instead of handing your power over to others and allowing them to dictate your life know that you have some control. Remember though that the first steps in taking back your power will be frightening. It is always easier to lay blame on someone else when we have relinquished control.

The Emperor

The Emperor is very fitting as it is resting on the Knight of Swords and the Tower. Look, at him, he is high above and surveying everything. This is the reoccurring theme this week. Look around you. What do you see? Where do you need to make changes? This is the time for your to make changes. It appears you are ready to head the Five fo Swords advice and take back your power. Own who you are, remember you can’t please everyone.


The Two fo Wands, I love this interpretation of this card. Looks like there are choices waiting for you. You hold the key and well the power. Which do you choose?  This feels like you are allowing yourself to be open to the possibility of a grand adventure. You’ve decided that you are up for the task at hand, no matter how hard the challenge is. You are ready to take that next step.

Resting on the Tower and The Five of Swords well this is kind of your reward for doing what you had to do. The reward for walking through the challenges and coming out on the other end.


With the Eight of Wands, we are being shown all the possibilities that are in front of us. You’ve made your choice and are now ready to be the hawk and survey what you really want. Take aim and head in the direction you choose but remember now that Mercury is direct it will be much easier to see the direction that is truly calling you.

The above says all that needs to be said about it resting on the Emperor and the Two of Wands. Survey and look at the big picture you hold the key to your destiny.


The Four of Wands reversed may make you feel like you were on a roll only to have it taken away but that isn’t the case. The view isn’t as bleak as it appears. While there is darkness, I feel that this is more of a start. In order for anything to grow it must be watered and nurtured. It has to have good roots. Look at this as making strong roots. You have your vision you can see it more clearly than you have been able to in a while, now find your focus.


The Eight of Coins, (the second eight of the reading. A little more info about the numerology can be found here.) What this card is telling us is to figure out a true plan. If you are writing then go back through and see what you can scrap. If you are thinking of returning to school, find a way to make it happen. Studying what you really want and finding a way to make it a reality is very important right now.

Best Advice for this Week: Look at the big picture. Take Back your power and own yourself. You have the keys to look at what you really want time to start nurturing it and making it become a reality.Remember you’ve had the power all along it is just a matter of you choosing to change your destiny.

I hope you have a good week. Don’t forget the Full Moon report will be out this week. If you want a reading you can schedule one at

Thanks for reading,


© 2017 copyright D.M. Needom, Readings by Dauna and all rights reserved. Except for the shared image from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot created by Ciro Marchetti.

Full Moon Tarot Reading for November 14, 2016


The Full Moon is upon us and it is a Super Moon. This month the moon is known as the Beaver Moon or the Frost Moon. The Frost Moon seems fitting as we are finally starting to have our Frost and Freezes that would have usually happened last month.

The Full Moon will occur 7:53am Chicago time and will be in the sign of Taurus. For more on the Astrology please click here. Since in the Astrology he refers back to the New Moon from October 30th. Think about what you started and if you want you can reread my New Moon report here in case you missed it.

As I laid out the cards I couldn’t help but feel that there was a lot of energy related to the election last week here in the states. The energy in the world is shifting. My intent is not to go into the politics and when I shuffled all I requested was what do my readers need to know about the Full Moon and this is what I got. This reading felt like and emotional rollercoaster so be prepared. So let’s dig in and see what my guides have to say about this Super Moon.

So let’s dig in and see what my guides have to say about this Super Moon.

Eight of Pentacles

The first card up is the Eight of Pentacles. It shows that we are putting the finishing touches on something that we’ve been working on for a while. We started with nothing and now we’ve taken the time to see it through to completion. So going back to my original question, what did you start in the New Moon? What changes have you made?


The Five of Wands Reversed. This was one of those cards that reminded me of the discourse our country is currently feeling. There is a battle and tempers are high but this can also be about your personal life as well. Who or what is challenging you? With this next to the Eight of Pentacles, I would say that the thing you thought was finished just might need to be revised.

With this next to the Eight of Pentacles, I would say that the thing you thought was finished just might need to be revised.


The Queen of Swords reversed feels like it is that moment of what the hell have I done. For some, it may even feel like STFU. No matter this Queen is tired of the drama and just wants to get on with it.

Next to the Five of Wands Reversed, know that the tension is going to be high whether you choose to engage or not. Realize that this may not be about you at all but just their way of getting some steam off. Like I said Tensions are high.


The Eight of Swords is about us feeling bound or like a victim. We can’t see or speak or even hear, our senses are taken from us. This thing though is we have more control than we realize. We can free ourselves if we stop and taken in what is around us. The rope is not tied to anything. By allowing us to become fearful we become a victim. If you look around you there are others that are willing to help, just open your eyes.

Now with this resting on the Eight of Pentacles and the Five of Wands, I would say look at the Big picture. Sure you thought you were finished and could move on but that isn’t the case. Instead of letting others criticisms and fear blind you take in their message and analyze. Find a way to communicate and free yourself and them.


The High Priestess is offering us hope and that we will overcome. Things that have been blocking us will soon be removed. While we were hoping that things would be perfect there are no guarantees. We have to see past the illusions we’ve bought into and get to the truth of the matter.

In the placement on the Five of Wands, Queen of Swords and next to the Eight of Swords we have to remain calm and centered as things feel unhinged around us. Remember things are uncertain at this time and calmer heads will prevail as time moves forward.

Three of Swords

The truth that the Three of Swords is telling us is to take care of yourself. Find a place to rest and step away from the drama. You may see the big picture but others may not at this time. If you continue to fight you will only wear yourself out. Rest is required in all realms physical, mental and spiritual.

On top of the Eight of Swords and the High Priestess know that the back in forth between your head and your intuition is dragging you down. You can’t trust your gut if you allow fear to blind you. In listening to your fears, you only sabotage yourself and your vision.


Temperance reversed feels like throwing caution to the wind. This feels like; ‘I’m tired of waiting and buying into the BS, time to move forward and get what I want.’ That’s good but keep in mind if you haven’t taken care of yourself and looked at the bigger picture you might have to have another restart.  So if you’re doing any manifesting on this Moon I would say be very clear and plan it out.  There is a lot of energy and power but with that in mind use it wisely.

Resting on the Three of Swords, you need to find balance. Don’t be reactionary to others by doing so you are only giving them your power.


The Five of Cups tells us that we think we’re in control. We have what we want in our grasp. That sounds great but it feels like you’re holding on for dear life. You’ve had a wild ride and don’t want to loose your barrings again.

On top of Temperance reversed you can manifest it and get what you want but once you get it don’t hold it so tightly that you lose it.


While Justice is blind when it is reversed it is off balanced and as I said early on this reading feels very up and down like a wild rollercoaster. Your lesson for this Full Moon is to try and find your center.

Best Advice: Get out of your way. Don’t buy all the craziness around you. Most of it isn’t yours to begin with. By finding a center point you can trust yourself and the process, without it, you’ll be the Eight of Pentacles, which is no fun.

A little extra with the repeating numbers that appeared. Balance is also reinforced with the number Eight showing up twice. You need to find your center and stay grounded. Illness comes when we dive headlong into stress and fear. Which goes to the Fives that showed up offering us instability.

Well, sorry, it appears to be a bit of a rocky time but know,  you’ll make it through as long as you take care of yourself. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading,


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Are You On The Right Path?

seven of swords

One thing readers don’t like to do is read their own cards. It isn’t that we can’t, it’s just sometimes we don’t truly read what is being said. We seek outside validation.
 When I lived in New Orleans, I’d go to Jackson Square to get my cards read. The Reader, I don’t recall her name read with the Motherpeace Deck. (Side note this deck is interesting as it is circular instead of the standard square.) I would go to her and the seven of swords kept coming up and it was always lying on its side. I had moved back to NOLA about six months before my first reading with her and she tells me, I not on the right path that I’m doing something wrong. I went back two more times before I decided to move to Chicago and it came up the same way every time.
I thought NOLA was the place to be. I was in college and working on getting an acting career started, so I couldn’t figure out what was out of place. I had left Chicago to come back home and pursue my dreams. There were many opportunities so I thought in NOLA .
There was a famous psychic who was taking callers at the local radio station and I called in. When I asked her about my career she stated it would be based out of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.  I remember getting off the phone and saying aloud there was no way in Hell I was going to come back to Chicago.
Approximately a month after this call, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Chicago and I did. During that trip, I decided to move back. I went back to NOLA and as I packed up my belongings I decided to have one final reading and the Sever of Swords had rectified itself. She told me I was on the right path and wished me well.  Within a week I was living back in the Windy City or at least the Burbs.
Just because you believe you are on the right path there are times when we will realize a change of direction is actually just what we need.
There will be a few tales like this that I will share as well. Feel free to comment if you’ve shared a similar experience.
Except for the shared image. Image from my MotherpeaceTarot Deck. I use the deck but I do not own any of the images that are shared of the deck. All credit for the deck goes to the creator of the Motherpeace Tarot, Karen Vogel.

Why Do We Write?

Why do we write? A simple question but one that has many answers.

I guess the first reason would be to express our thoughts and views. To be able to lay your thoughts on paper. It can be very freeing and empowering. So, that is a great reason to write.

Communication: This is another facet as well but this ties in with a big reason why most people write and that is to engage others. As a writer you hope, you can share a story whether it be fact or fiction and get a reaction. You want your reader to feel to have the characters stay with them for days. You get a warm fuzzy knowing you may have made someone feel something or helped them learn something.

The thing I’ve noticed whether it be a blog or a friend who is a published Author, we are all seeking feedback. We want to know that the words we put to paper did hold some meaning. Did we create the story or the characters just right? But the writer will never know if they log into their blog or check their Amazon page and there is nothing.

A writer is an entertainer in most case. For me when I write a fictional story, I’m living in the moment just like a truly gifted actor does. I feel what my character feel. I think like they do. Imagine getting up on a Broadway Stage and you pour your heart and soul out for this one role. It’s a role of a lifetime, yet as the curtain closes and reopens there is nothing. Not one single clap. It would be as if you were still doing rehearsals on opening night. It would be heartbreaking.

I know this is a new blog.  I’m not seeking accolades. This is more in general, that people who run the risk of laying themselves bare on the pages of a blog or a book wouldn’t mind a little feedback. We all have intentions of doing it and something comes up. Just remember if you read something and it inspires you or touches you emotionally than know that the person who wrote it has shared that with you and they might appreciate your feedback or a review.

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